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If you’re looking for a vacation with plenty of things to do, Puerto Rico is the perfect destination. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, shopping, seafood, or just relaxing by the pool, there’s sure to be something for you.

Here are 10 Adventurous Things to do in Puerto Rico

  • Take a historical tour of Old San Juan. The cobblestone streets and colonial architecture are an incredible backdrop to photographs and stories of the past.
  • Tour San Juan National Historic Site. This attraction tells the story of Puerto Rico from pre-Columbian to the present day. There’s also a Marks & Spencer store on-site that’s open to the public.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Visit the Caballero troupe of Taijiquan practitioners. The group offers public demonstrations of Chinese martial art each day for free.
  • Enjoy a delicious seafood dinner at a waterfront restaurant. Make a reservation in advance, as this type of restaurant tends to get crowded.
  • Check out the different types of fruits and vegetables at an agricultural forum. This is a great opportunity to ask farmers about their production methods and learn about local crops.
  • Marvel at the natural wonders of the El Yunque rainforest. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is teeming with tropical fauna and flora.
  • Ascend the fascinating towers at La Fortaleza. The onion-domed building was once the royal palace of the Spanish governors of Puerto Rico.
  • Visit the Museo del Hurricane. This museum showcases both historical artifacts and Pieces of Eight—a valuable Spanish silver coin—that the conquistadors brought to Puerto Rico.
Homemade Puerto Rican Coquito Eggnog
Homemade Puerto Rican Coquito Eggnog
  • Explore the charming colonial district of Ponce. Shops, restaurants, and cafes line the narrow streets, making them easily walkable.
  • Relax on the beaches of Puerto Rico. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful cove or a lively party town, there’s a beach to fit your needs.