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Nurses who travel for work are often tasked with adapting to new environments and juggling multiple responsibilities. These tips can make traveling as a nurse easier.

1. Get organized. Before you go, make a list of what you need to pack, including your work visa and identification, medications, spare clothes and accessories, laptop, and any other materials you’ll need to complete your job.

2. Make time for yourself. Structure your time away from work to allow for relaxation and fun.

Smiling nurse and senior citizen looking at smartphone screen

3. Make new friends. Traveling can be lonely, so make sure to network with other nurses and patients in the new city you’re visiting.

4. Keep a positive attitude. You’re on vacation, not in trouble! Enjoy the new experience and take everything in stride.

5. Prepare for challenges. Know what to expect before you leave, and be ready to address any potential issues that may arise.