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Are you thinking of visiting a new place for the first time? Are you curious about its culture and history? If so, start planning your next travelogue by answering the following five questions.

  1. What activities are available in the area?

Are there any nearby parks, museums, and tourist traps that you can visit? What kind of lodging and restaurants are available?

  1. What kind of transportation is available?

How long will it take you to get around by train, bus, or plane? Is there a bike or walking trail nearby that you can explore?

Multiracial friends having fun doing video call celebrating with wine while sitting on top of camper
  1. How crowded is the area?

Are there any places you might want to avoid during your visit? Are the people that you’ll meet friends or are there a lot of them?

  1. What is the climate like?

Do you want to be in the sun or the rain? What is the temperature like during your stay?

  1. What is the quality of life like in the area?

What is the cost of living like, and is there anything you don’t want to miss? How much time are you willing to spend in each city or town?