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I hope you’ve been able to enjoy your first few weeks in a new city. With the right attitude and some upcoming travel buddies, you can navigate your way around and be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of activities and experiences to be had. Here are 7 travel-related pieces of advice to help make your first few city visits a success:

  • Conversate with locals

Choosing the right time to hit the city can be tough, but by compromising your travel schedule, you can catch up with locals in person and learn more about the local scene. Whether you’re looking for tips for getting around or for catching a glimpse of the local art scene, meeting locals can give you the edge in the visiting Cities Guide.

Young man traveling by train
  • Visiting different landmarks

Some of the most interesting and well-known landmarks in the city are located in different parts of the city. By visiting key districts or neighborhoods and taking in all the sights and sounds, you’ll have a richer appreciation for the city as a whole.

  • Explore the charm of the old city

One of the charms of a city is the diversity of its neighborhoods. By exploring the old city and taking in its unique atmosphere, you’ll learn more about the city’s history and the different cultures that have lived in it.

  • Don’t forget to eat

One of the most important aspects of any city visit is the meal you eat. By eating at some of the city’s most popular restaurants, you’ll get a unique and sampled tasted of the city’s cuisine.

  • Find a match for your style

You don’t have to be from the city to enjoy the city. By choosing some of the districts which have a lively nightlife and enjoys a more subdued Morningside feel, you can find a city match for yourself.

Young woman smiling posing travelling underground
  • Use your time wisely

Rookie travel fantasies can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not careful. By considering what kind of activities and places you want to see, you can slowly cadence your touring and get a good estimate of how much time you’ll actually have for each destination.

  • Never be afraid to take a chance

There is so much to experience in a city, and no two experiences are alike. If you’re not sure what you’re in for, take a chance and visit some of the less visited neighborhoods. You might be surprise by how insightful and fascinating the city can be.