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Please see the 8 must-see spots around the world for the best travel experiences!

1. Istanbul – National capital of Turkey, home to the world’s largest complex of ancient ruins and an astrophysicist who discovered the universe.

2. Rome – Eternal City of the Romeos – home to the world’s largest Collection of Classical Antiquities, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the aqueducts.

Colosseum in Rome
Colosseum in Rome

3. Venice – one of the world’s most famous cruise capitals and the birthplace of Benvenuto Cellini.

4. Barcelona – the center of the world’s most famous Catalonian culture, comprising elegant old city center, beautiful botanical gardens, and atis in the financial district.

5. Prague – one of the most charming metropolises in Europe, with a rich history and impressive architecture.

6. Helsinki – the financial and cultural hub of Finland, with an exciting weekend of culture including the Helsinki International Festival of Arts.

Helsinki Cathedral- Helsinki - Finland
Helsinki Cathedral- Helsinki – Finland

7. Edinburgh – the most picturesque and well-known city in Scotland, home to the Lady of the Lake views, prestigious Edinburgh castle, and world-famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

8. Kuala Lumpur – business and leisure capital of Malaysia, with a range of beautiful neighborhoods including Bukit Bintang and Genting Highlands.