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  • Up your packing game – Make sure you have everything you need for each trip in one place, so you don’t have to search through your bag each time you need something.
  • Organize your passport and visas – legalese for “make sure you have all of your visas and passports ready to go.”
  • studied a forgotten language – don’t let another language get in the way of your travelogue Junkie got the card.
  • pack light – don’t forget your passport, boarding pass, visas, and anything else you need to get through security.
  • don’t forget your sun tan – your skin needs all the Vitamin D it can get, and a travel wardrobe won’t help you quite as much if you hit the sun too often.
Tourist couple traveling. Travel. Walking on street. Portrait of beautiful young people
  • listen to your body – think ahead and physiology dictates how much time you’ll be able to spend outside before you feel it starts to tire.
  • take a break – often the best way to recharge is to step away from your laptop, tablet, or phone and take a long walk or jump on the yoga mat.
  • listen to your feet – remember that on the go, your feet are the ones that are constantly pounding the pavement.
  • work on your jet lag – many people find that by working on their travel plans a few hours ahead, they can get a little better sleep and avoid jet lag symptoms.