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A petting zoo is a great place for kids to learn about and interact with animals. But what is it like for the animals themselves? Here’s a look at a day in the life of a petting zoo animal.

Waking Up: The day starts early at the petting zoo, with the animals being let out of their night pens and into the main area. They get to stretch their legs and explore for a while before the first visitors start to arrive.

Morning: The morning is spent meeting and greeting all the visitors. Kids love to pet and brush the animals, and the animals enjoy the attention. There’s also time for a little bit of play before it’s time for lunch.

A child feeds two goats from a paper bag at a zoo or farm. Pet therapy.

Afternoon: After lunch, it’s time for a nap. The animals head back to their pens for a few hours of rest. This is also when the staff cleans up the petting zoo and gets it ready for the next day.

Evening: In the evening, the animals are let out again to explore and play. This is a favorite time for many of them, as they get to run and jump around without having to worry about being petted by humans.

Night: When the petting zoo closes for the night, the animals go back to their pens and settle in for the night. They’ll do it all over again tomorrow!