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Traveling alone can be scary. It’s easy to feel alone and vulnerable when you’re on your own in a new place. But with the right preparation and mindset, solo travel can be an experience that will change your life (and give you plenty of stories to tell). If you’ve ever wanted visiting Puerto Rico but were unsure about traveling there by yourself, don’t worry: it’s easy! I’ve been backpacking around the island as a solo traveller for almost two weeks now, and I’m having an absolute blast. So here are my tips for making sure you have the best time possible while exploring this beautiful country all by yourself.

You need a passport.

visitng Puerto Rico

If you’re a US citizen, you can get a passport at your local post office or regional passport agency. You can also apply for one online here. For more information on how to apply, visit the United States Department of State’s website here.

If you are a Puerto Rican citizen, you can visit this page of the Puerto Rico Department of State website for all the details on how to obtain your own passport from your island nation’s government officials.

Citizens and permanent residents of other countries will have to follow their country’s official procedure for obtaining travel documents before visiting Puerto Rico.

You need some cash.

You can’t just use a credit card anywhere in Puerto Rico, so you’ll be relying on cash. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get some. You can withdraw money at the airport or your hotel before you land in Puerto Rico (if they offer this service), or at an ATM if it’s available where you’re staying.

You might also find that banks have a limit on how much they will let you withdraw in one go; when I arrived at my first hostel in San Juan and went straight to the bank machine, they told me they couldn’t give me more than $100 because of their own policies! This happened again when I tried another bank. So just keep in mind: these limits may exist for each transaction and not across all transactions together; if this happens to you then try again later with another location or ask someone who works at the place where you’re trying to get your cash what their maximum withdrawal limit is so that way next time around will be easier!

You need wifi.

The first time I traveled to Puerto Rico, I had wifi on my phone but no data plan. (It was a cheaper option than paying for unlimited data.) What a mistake that was! I had no way of booking accommodation or getting directions.

I really wish I’d known about offline navigation apps like Google Maps before my trip. They allow you to download map areas so that you can use them with no internet connection. Even if you don’t have an app, you can find wifi in cafes, restaurants and hotels where it might be free or come with small perks like 5% off your food bill or free water refills while you browse the web for your business. You’ll also be able to find wifi at airports, bus stations and ferry terminals — just ask around once inside; employees will often point out where it’s near their station/store/office space etcetera.(This is especially true if they notice how lost-looking someone looks!)

If all else fails though…and here’s some good news: If there is any place left on earth where there won’t be any wireless connectivity available today—then it’s probably not worth going there anyway right?

You need a plan when visiting Puerto Rico.

You need a plan. I know it’s tempting to just jump on the first flight out, but planning for your trip will make it so much better. You can find out about flights, accommodation, activities and more from websites like TripAdvisor, booking sites like Expedia or directly from the hotel or tour company. There are also plenty of apps that do this for you as well!

Planning your route is another important part of planning for your solo travel adventure. If you don’t have a car or aren’t renting one then getting from place to place can be stressful if you don’t know what transport options are available. Check out TripAdvisor to see what people recommend and where they think is worth visiting along with reviews on buses and taxis so that way they can help guide you in deciding about how best to get around Puerto Rico!

You need to stay connected when visiting Puerto Rico.

If you’re not a Luddite, you’ll want to stay connected. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Cell phone service is pretty good all over the island and is relatively cheap compared to other countries. If you have an unlocked phone, bringing your own SIM card from home can save you some cash. Puerto Rico’s main network is Claro, but they also use AT&T as well as T-Mobile. Most public libraries have Wi-Fi with passwords available upon request (although many will insist that if you’re not using it for schoolwork or research purposes then there’s no point). There are internet cafes throughout the country; many hotels and hostels also offer free Wi-Fi connections for their guests (usually password protected). Airports usually offer free WiFi as well; some even have charging stations for laptops and phones! Cafes, restaurants and bars often offer free WiFi too (although how long this lasts depends on how much money they think they’ll make off people who actually sit down at one of their tables…). Bookstores may be another option—but don’t expect any kind of fancy book selections here—just the basics like travel guides etcetera which makes sense considering Puerto Rico isn’t really known as an avid reader colony (yet!). Libraries are another great resource where bookshelves are filled with classics by authors such as Ernest Hemingway or Isabel Allende along with more contemporary works such as those written by Nicholas Sparks or even Paulo Coelho! Grocery stores often sell preloaded cell phones so bring extra cash just in case yours dies while touring around town.”

You need places to stay.

visiting Puerto Rico

There are a variety of ways to stay while you’re on the island. You can choose to stay in a hostel, hotel, Airbnb or tree house. You can also camp out with your tent!

If you want to meet other travelers and make friends with locals, then staying at a hostel would be ideal for you. Hostels are great because they offer so many social activities for their guests like tours around Puerto Rico (for example: La Parguera Nature Reserve) and nightlife events like salsa dancing lessons!

You need things to do when visiting Puerto Rico.

If you’re going to be spending any time in Puerto Rico, then you need things to do.

We recommend doing as much exploring as possible. This is an island, after all; take advantage of that!

There are many different tour options for the places we mentioned above (and more). Take a day trip to Culebra or Vieques and explore the beaches and local communities there. Or try something like visiting El Yunque rainforest or hiking on any number of trails around Ponce. If you’re really feeling adventurous—or just have too much time on your hands—you could even visit Vieques again!

If none of these sound appealing (or if they just aren’t feasible), don’t worry: there are still plenty of more low-key things available in San Juan itself! You can spend time shopping at La Placita de Santurce market or Hato Rey Food Center; wander through Old San Juan’s cobblestone streets; enjoy a coffee break at one of our city’s many cafés; visit Castillo San Felipe del Morro (also known as El Morro) citadel; take a walking tour with your friends…the list goes on!

Puerto Rico is safe and easy to navigate, with plenty of options for solo travellers!

Puerto Rico is a safe and easy place to travel. The island is small, with only around 3 million people living on its entire territory. This means that you can easily get from one end of Puerto Rico to the other in a day or two if you wanted to do so. You’ll also find that most places have taxis readily available for hire, should you need them—but there are also plenty of ways to get around without having to rely on cabs at all!

You can buy your own car and drive yourself around (this is especially useful if you want to see some sights outside of San Juan), or rent bikes from one shop near Old Town San Juan so that you can explore more parts of the city. If cycling through town isn’t your thing, then consider taking an excursion boat tour with one operator (there are many options available) which will take you through different areas where there are beaches and caves worth seeing. Of course, even though it’s easy enough not having any trouble getting around on your own two feet during this trip—you can also hop aboard a bus whenever needed as well!


So, pack your bags! If you want to see one of the most beautiful places in the world, visiting Puerto Rico is a great place to start. It’s safe, easy to navigate and has plenty of options for solo travellers. You can get around easily by bus or taxi, there are plenty of hostels and hotels available at different price points with all kinds of amenities- even if they speak little English they will still welcome you warmly into their homes. And best of all? The locals love sharing their culture with visitors so expect some interesting conversations when meeting new people along the way! Don’t forget to keep yourself connected while on the road so that no matter where life takes you next time around; we’ll always be here waiting for you!