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I always intended to go on a solo trip, but I never did. I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe because it’s just easier to travel with other people than alone? Maybe because my friends were always busy and couldn’t take time off work? Or maybe because I was scared of being alone in a new place without someone else to rely on for help or companionship? Whatever the reason, after years of putting off solo travel—and then finally doing it. I’ve learned that solo trips can be incredibly rewarding in ways you might not even realize until after the fact. Here are some of the benefits that have come from my most recent solo trip to Belize.

Two weeks’ solo Trip to Belize

Belize is a country that’s sometimes overlooked by travelers, but it shouldn’t be. The coastal city of San Pedro is the perfect place to go for a solo trip. It has everything you need: beautiful beaches, delicious food and drinks, friendly locals and easy transportation options.

I stayed at an Airbnb in town and spent my days exploring caves with locals or lounging on the beach under palm trees. The nightlife in San Pedro never stopped – there were bars open until 3am!

Planning my Solo trip to Belize

solo trip in Belize

Once you’ve decided on the country, it’s time to start planning. You’ll need to research the destination, check flight prices, and book your tickets and accommodation. If you’re going during peak season (Dec-Apr), be prepared for higher prices and/or sold-out flights.

You should also plan out your entire itinerary before leaving home so that once you arrive at your destination, all that’s left is enjoying yourself! Remember: if there’s something specific you want to do or see on this trip but don’t have time for it all in one go, add it to your wish-list for next time! Here are some things we did with our limited stay in Belize.

Flying to Belize City

The airport is a good 30-minute drive from the city, so if you don’t have a car or can’t get a ride with someone else, take an Uber. If you’re by yourself and have no one to pick up from the airport, then consider taking public transportation. There are minivans that run regularly between the two areas. It’s cheap and easy to find out where they drop off at your destination after arrival. You can also catch a taxi back into town for around $20 USD (30-40 minutes).

There’s not much to do at this airport other than wait for your flight since it’s pretty small compared to larger airports like JFK or O’Hare in Chicago. But there are plenty of places to get food and drinks (don’t worry—they’ll accept US dollars). There are two restaurants inside. Chedi Restaurant serves Asian fusion cuisine while Casa Blanca offers Mexican cuisine options like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos. Basically everything you could want! When I was there this past February both were closed due to renovations but hopefully they’ll be open again soon! The departure area has table seating so you can spread out if needed and even play cards while waiting for your flight time.”

Underwater fun in Belize

Belize is home to an incredible array of underwater life. From the beautiful and colorful coral reefs to the large number of sharks that inhabit the area. Because there are so many options when it comes to diving, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins. It’s difficult for those who have never been there before to decide which one they should try first. For me personally, I chose scuba diving because I wanted a more immersive experience with Belize’s underwater world. However if you’re just after something relaxing or less intense then snorkeling may be better suited for you!

Navigating a new city on your own

Create a Guidebook

The first thing you should do when planning your trip is get a guidebook, whether it’s an actual physical book or an app. This will help you learn about the history of Belize, its culture and customs, and its attractions. If you don’t have a guidebook yet, there are plenty online to choose from. A quick Google search for “belize travel guide” returns many results; try browsing through them before deciding which one works best for your needs (for example: some might focus on diving while others may focus on wildlife). The author of each book will also recommend various places to visit during your stay in Belize City; keep this information handy as well!

Get Directions Beforehand

When you arrive at your hotel in Belize City after traveling by plane or boat from another country like Mexico or Honduras. Make sure someone takes down all necessary directions. Such as how far away different places are from where they picked me up at the airport. so I could easily find my way back there later without getting lost along the way!!

Being a solo traveler made me a better person

solo travel in Belize

You learn to be independent. Also, you learn how to manage your own schedule, plan your days and make decisions on the spot. You become more confident in your abilities as a traveler because you can do things on your own. Most of all, You will never have that feeling of being lost or confused if you are traveling solo. Instead, it makes you feel more comfortable in unknown places because you know how to handle yourself when faced with new situations and challenges.

Being a solo traveler also makes me more patient. I have learned that if I’m going somewhere by myself, then it’s up to me when I get there and not anyone else! This has helped me enjoy life more and appreciate what’s in front of me instead of rushing through everything so quickly. Going at my own pace allows me to experience all the beauty around me. Without getting stressed out about missing out on anything else while still moving along at an acceptable rate without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by too much happening at once. Being patient also helps keep stress levels down which means fewer anxiety-related problems. This could be headaches or stomach issues due to overthinking things too much…which leads onto point number three:

You learn patience while traveling solo because there will always be something waiting around every corner! Whether it be another person who needs help finding their way around town. Or an animal crossing paths during safari tours near riverside township. You’ll never run out of things occurring nearby unless they’re happening far away from where you happen

Solo travel is good for you.

Being on your own is good for you. Here are 10 reasons why:

  • You’ll meet new people.
  • You’ll have more time to yourself.
  • You’ll gain confidence in yourself and your abilities (you can do this!).
  • Your bravery will increase because you know there’s no one else around but YOU.


My solo trip to Belize was the best decision of my life. I got to explore a new country, meet new people, and learn how to be independent. If you’re looking for an adventure, take a solo trip!