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Travelling from US to Uk is easier than ever before. Although there are some differences between American and British culture, they’re not as pronounced as they used to be. Many Americans who travel to London or other cities in the UK have never even considered that there might be something different about their experience; however, there are some things you should know before you go so that you can have a great time exploring this beautiful country!

Things you need for travelling from US to Uk


UK United Kingdom passport in pocket jeans

Your passport is your ticket to the world. It’s a document that regulates international travel, and every time you cross a border, it must be presented by law. A passport is required for all international travel, whether by plane or boat or train (and even if you’re just driving across state lines).

The basic requirements for a passport are simple: be over 16 years old and have proof of your identity and U.S citizenship. However the process for getting one can seem daunting at first—there are many steps involved in applying for a new or renewed passport! But don’t worry; we’ve outlined everything here so you can learn what documents will be needed and how long it takes to get approved.


You will need a visa to travel from US to the UK. There are different requirements for citizens of different countries, so if you’re unsure about your visa status, consult an immigration attorney or government website. Citizens of the United States do not require a visa to visit the UK under any circumstances.


There are many ways of getting to the United Kingdom. The most popular way is by plane, but you can also travel by boat, bus, train or car. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on transportation, you can use your bicycle or even walk all the way from the US to UK!


When you travel, lodging may be the most important thing you can arrange. Hotels have many benefits over other accommodations: they’re available in every city, they’re close to airports, and they’re often near city centres and beaches.

Food and entertainment

baked cauliflower

You can find most food and entertainment options in the US for cheaper than you would in the UK. However, there are some things that are more expensive in America, and vice versa.

  • Food: The average cost of a meal at a restaurant will be higher in the US compared to England. It’s also worth noting that American restaurants tend to offer larger portions (and therefore more calories) than British ones. If you’re trying to eat healthy while travelling abroad, keep this in mind!
  • Entertainment: Many people think of London as being one of Europe’s most vibrant cities — and with good reason! There’s no better place to enjoy theatre performances or live music shows than London itself; however, if you want to see some amazing shows on your trip through England without breaking the bank, then check out Birmingham or Manchester instead. These are two big cities with lots going on (and much lower prices) but still offer plenty of culture unlike anything else nearby.*

Human interactions

  • Use common sense:
  • Look at a map and plan the best route from point A to B.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the road.
  • Respect local etiquette:
  • Accept that people may not be able to understand your accent. They will, however, appreciate you for trying to speak their language rather than speaking in English only (as many Americans do). If they ask why you are speaking so loudly or slowly, respond with “I’m sorry” and try again!
  • Dress appropriately:
  • Avoid wearing clothing that has obvious brand names on it or shows off your wealth—you don’t want to offend anyone by appearing as if you think they’re beneath you because of their socioeconomic status or because they have different beliefs than yours (this includes tattoos). Instead, consider wearing neutral colours such as grey/black/brown—these can go with anything else in your suitcase without clashing!

Travelling between the US and UK is easier than ever before.

Travelling between the US and UK is easier than ever before.

There are many direct flights from the US to the UK, as well as many direct flights from the UK to the US.

If you don’t want to travel directly, there are also indirect flights available from some major cities in both countries.


Even though there are many things to consider when travelling between the US and UK, it is still possible to have a great time. With so many options available today, you can travel in style with ease. As long as you plan and have all the right documents on hand when crossing borders, everything should go smoothly.