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Ancient Cities and History in Spain! Spain is home to some of the earliest human civilizations, including the Iberian peninsula. These cultures left behind many impressive archaeological sites and remains, some of which are still in use today.

Some of the most well-known ancient Spanish cities include Girona, Tarragona, Zaragoza, and Salamanca. These towns were all once very important economic and political centers, and their preserved ruins help to tell their story.

Segovia, Spain at the Alcazar.
Segovia, Spain at the Alcazar.

Aside from its impressive ancient architecture, Spain also has a rich history of other cultures. The country is home to much of the Iberian world’sAndalusian culture, as well as a diverse array of German and French heritage.

So, if you’re looking for an amazing insight into Spanish history – from its earliest days to the present day – look no further! Ancient Cities and History in Spain is an invaluable resource for anyone who loves learning about the country’s many centuries of amazing cultural Vulcanisation.