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I was sitting at a bar in Cusco, Peru, nursing my third pisco sour. It was the middle of the night and I had just gotten back from Machu Picchu. The bartender leaned over for a moment and then turned back to wash some glasses. “I’ll tell you what,” he said loudly enough that all the patrons could hear him, “you look like someone who’s traveled alone.” He then regaled me with stories about his own solo travel experiences in South America, giving me some solid solo travel tips before handing me a business card that read: “If you ever feel lonely or stuck somewhere with no way out, call this number.” When I got home from this trip, I did just that—and it changed everything for me.

Solo Travel Tips #1: Talk to strangers.

Group of happy friends enjoying outdoor activity together

Talk to strangers.

  • Talk to the people you meet along the way. You find that all of your new traveling friends have one thing in common: they are kind, interesting and interested! They tell you about what they have seen and done, and you can tell them about your own experiences and plans. If there is someone who seems interesting or approachable, ask them what their story is—they may be delighted to share their adventures with you so far (or just tell you where to eat).
  • Talk to locals! This can be a bit more difficult than talking with other travelers because it requires language skills—or at least some sort of translation app—but it’s well worth it if you’re willing to try! Locals have so many stories from their lives that would never make it into a guidebook; ask them what they did for work before retirement, how long they’ve lived in this town/city/state/province/country etc., or just ask for recommendations for local food or entertainment options!

Solo Travel Tips #2: Be confident and show everyone how much you love being alone.

Don’t be afraid to walk into a new place and say hello. Be friendly, open, and confident. If you’re in a country where English isn’t widely spoken, give it a shot anyway—it will surprise you how often people understand you! Also, don’t forget to smile when talking with strangers. It can make all the difference in their perception of who they are as a person.

Remember that there’s no right way or wrong way to enjoy yourself on your solo trip: every traveler has their own unique experience and view of the world that is worth sharing with others around them. Don’t worry about what other travelers think of your solo travels; just go out there and do whatever makes sense for YOU!

Solo Travel Tips #3: Trust your instincts.

Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Anytime you don’t feel comfortable, leave. Whenever you don’t feel safe, leave. And if you feel like someone is following you? Leave immediately!

There is a universe of adventures out there waiting for you. Embrace them while you can!

Little girls playing in tree top adventure park
L a park

There is a entire world of adventures out there waiting for you. Embrace them while you can!

Traveling can be expensive, so plan in advance. If you’re traveling by plane, check the airline’s website for deals and always shop around for the best prices. Also, look into buying your ticket at least two months in advance to get the cheapest fare possible; flights are often cheaper during this time if they’re not completely booked up yet. If you’re driving from city to city instead of flying, make sure that each day’s drive isn’t too long—this will save gas money as well as prevent exhaustion or injury from driving too far without rest breaks along the way (like stopping at restaurants).

Traveling can be dangerous sometimes—so be careful! Before going on an adventure trip or solo journey overseas, know exactly where all your insurance policies are and keep track of any documentation needed in case something happens while abroad (like an emergency room visit). Additionally, don’t forget about safety measures like wearing protective clothing when hiking through jungles/swamps/mountainside trails, bringing sunscreen everywhere because it gets hot outside even during winter seasons; wear earplugs while sleeping in noisy hostels so others don’t bother you with their snoring sounds! Remember that if anyone bothers asking questions about where your stuff came from, then just tell them outright “No thanks!”


So embrace the adventure! Try some new things and have fun. Just remember that if you are going to be traveling solo, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep yourself safe by being cautious about what you do and say around strangers, as well as always obeying local laws when visiting other countries. And above all else, enjoy every second of it!