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Do you know what to expect when traveling? Let us help you with some traveling questions you might want to ask before you go.

1) What to pack: Most travelers take advantage of luggage online booking services or through travel agencies so it is important to know what to pack in your suitcase. Not all airlines allow checked luggage and most flights have a maximum weight of 2 pieces of luggage.

2) Visa requirements: Your destination country will have visa requirements that must be met in order to travel. Make sure you are familiar with the visa requirements of the destination country.

Travel on the long tail boat

3) How to get around: Unless you are overly familiar with the destination country, it is best to take some advice from your travel companions before leaving. Many destinations have transportation systems in place that make traveling easier.

4) Language Skills: Boarding a plane and planning your route usually mean talking to people abroad. Make sure you are proficient in the language you are planning to travel to in order to feel comfortable.

5) Weather: Remember, weather can change rapidly and unpredictably in most destination countries. Be sure to factor this into your travel planning.