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Traveling solo is one of the best things that you can do for your well-being. It’s also a great way to grow as a person and get some much-needed perspective on life. If you’re planning your next trip but don’t want to venture out alone, we’ve compiled a list of seven destinations that will be perfect for solo female travelers:

Rome, Italy

destination for solo female travelers

Rome is one of the best destinations for solo female travelers. It’s a beautiful city with tons of history, and there are lots of museums, galleries and other cultural attractions to keep you busy while you’re there. Plus, Rome is a great place to visit in the summer because it’s so hot outside! There are lots of good restaurants where you can get delicious food at reasonable prices.

Nashville, USA

Nashville is one of the best cities for solo female travelers in the entire world. There are so many things to do here, and it’s a fun place for foodies, history buffs and art lovers.

  • If you want to see some great music, Nashville has plenty of live music venues. You can enjoy local musicians as well as famous touring acts from around the world at places like The Basement (great for hip-hop and R&B) or 3rd & Lindsley (rock).
  • You can also take in some truly unique experiences if you love live theater! There are tons of plays being put on during any given week—you just have to check out what’s on offer at places like The Tin Roof Cantina or Mercy Lounge

Singapore, Singapore

We’ve been to Singapore and can tell you that it’s a great place to visit. It’s one of the safest cities in the world, so you don’t have to worry about your safety while visiting. There are lots of things to do there, including taking pictures at Gardens by the Bay and exploring Chinatown. The nightlife is also fantastic, as there are plenty of bars and clubs for you to enjoy. Plus, the food scene is amazing!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii is a great destination for solo travel. This city has so much to offer that you can’t help but have an unforgettable experience. The history and culture of Honolulu will give you a sense of purpose as well as leave you with fond memories. You’ll be able to relax on the beach or enjoy some delicious food in this interesting part of the world.

Honolulu also has some great outdoor activities such as hiking through nature preserves or exploring ancient lava tubes (caves formed by volcanic rock).

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas. This is one of the best cities in America to travel alone, thanks to its fantastic music scene, excellent food options and famous barbecue joints (you’ll want to try Franklin Barbecue). Austin also has a vibrant art scene and tons of museums—and if you’re feeling adventurous, it’s easy enough to rent a car and drive down to San Antonio or New Braunfels for some sightseeing. If you’re traveling with friends or family during the summer months though…

Havana, Cuba

If you’re looking to travel solo and want to check out a place with rich history, culture and unique architecture, then Havana is the place for you. The city has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list since 1982 and is a great opportunity to learn more about Cuba as an island nation.

While there are many things to do in this vibrant city—from visiting museums such as Museum of the City of Havana (which displays artifacts from Cuba’s past), La Casa de las Americas (which showcases contemporary Cuban art) or Museo del Automovil Especializado Carlos V Fernandez y Compania (an auto showroom that highlights classic American cars)—you should also take advantage of all there is to see outside of its borders by touring around Old Havana or exploring other parts of town like Vedado or Miramar. When it comes time for some downtime, you can rest at one of many cafes or restaurants with live music where you can enjoy delicious drinks such as mojitos or daiquiris while listening to local musicians perform their favorite tunes.

Bangkok, Thailand

solo female travelers
Asian woman backpacker use phone selfie, record vlog on holiday vacation trip in Thailand at night.

Bangkok, Thailand: The best city in the world. Who doesn’t want to spend a few days in Bangkok? This bustling city has it all: shopping, food, nightlife and culture. You can even learn Muay Thai kickboxing!

The best way to enjoy the wonders of Bangkok is by staying at a centrally located hostel that’s close to all major attractions and restaurants. I recommend Cazza Hostel because it’s clean, safe and friendly—and they offer free Wi-Fi!

Solo travel is safe and it makes you #unstoppable.

While it’s true that the world can be a dangerous place, traveling alone is actually one of the safest things you can do. As a solo female traveler, you’re less likely to fall victim to crime than women who don’t travel. If you do find yourself in trouble, people will notice and help you because they see something out of the ordinary: A lone woman on her own gives off vibes that she could use some assistance or protection (which she usually doesn’t need).

There are plenty of safety precautions ladies should take when they go on their own adventures but by no means should traveling alone stop you from doing what makes your heart sing! Here are 10 reasons why I think solo travel is super empowering for women:


No matter where you want to travel, there’s a solo female travel destination for you. We hope this post has helped you find the right one!