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There’s so much to see and do in Costa Rica that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Costa Rica is an ideal destination for solo travelers just because there are so many things to see and do here. The country’s diverse landscape offers everything from rainforests to volcanoes, beaches and waterfalls — not to mention friendly people who want you to enjoy their home as much as they do! Here are some places you should visit during your solo trip to Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for a solo traveler.

The country boasts a wide variety of activities, from surfing to whitewater rafting and zip-lining. There are also plenty of eco-friendly hotels in Costa Rica that offer yoga and meditation classes, so you can relax your mind while you unwind your body. The wildlife here is also fantastic—you’ll see both marine (sea turtles!) and land animals (monkeys!) in their natural habitats; there’s no doubt that you’ll get your fill of animal sightings during your stay!

The people are friendly and open to newcomers.

The locals are super laid-back, making it easy for a new person to feel welcome. You’ll get plenty of smiles and hellos from the local community, which makes you feel right at home in no time!

Beautiful Scenery

No matter what kind of traveler you are, Costa Rica has something to offer.

If you’re a nature lover, the biggest draw will be the vast array of beautiful landscapes, including rainforests, beaches and volcanoes.

We know you love adventure. There are many activities like surfing, scuba diving and zip lining — all with some of the best views in the world.

Also, if you’re more interested in culture than wildlife, head to San José and explore its museums or take an excursion into nearby towns like La Fortuna or Monteverde. We also know this region for its coffee plantations that offer tours where visitors can learn about how coffee beans are farmed from seed to cup!

Here are some things you shouldn’t miss during your solo trip to Costa Rica.

You can’t go to Costa Rica without visiting.

  • Aren’t you glad we didn’t give it away?

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Elephant in water. National park of Kenya
  • You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful spot in Costa Rica. The reserve features the country’s largest protected area, spanning over 2,150 acres, as well as a massive expanse of cloud forest. This is one of the best places for birdwatching in all of Central America and offers visitors an opportunity to see several species of hummingbirds in their natural habitat. If you’re into hiking or adventure travel, this is also an ideal place to explore on horseback or by foot; it offers trails that wind through some rare ecosystems like tropical evergreen forests and bromeliads (tropical plants).

A famous conservation area

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is one of the most famous conservation areas in Costa Rica. They created this reserve to protect and preserve the cloud forest ecosystem, which is characterized by its dense canopy of trees that provide habitat for many species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. The area also has a high diversity of plants and insects that live on tree branches, leaves or bark.

It hosts diverse wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, like quetzals, resplendent trogons and three-wattled bellbirds.

  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde is a cloud forest, which means it’s full of biodiversity and wonderful plant life that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The reserve houses a number of endangered species, including quetzals, resplendent trogons and three-wattled bellbirds. It also hosts 1,200 species that one cannot find anywhere else on Earth. The reserve is also home to two national parks: Santa Elena and Los Heliconias.

  • Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is one of Costa Rica’s most famous tourist destinations for good reason—it has some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the country! Besides experiencing nature at its finest with birds like parrots flying overhead or monkeys swinging from tree branches below you, this park offers an unparalleled glimpse into how people lived here before tourism was ever invented (and with no electricity). You’ll have nothing but yourself as a company while enjoying all this park has to offer; visitors can take boat tours through mangroves to spot caimans or go kayaking on nearby lagoons. It makes one’s solo trip to Costa Rica worth the effort.

It’s also home to around 100 species of mammals, including jaguars, pumas and sloths.

Costa Rica is also home to around 100 species of mammals, including jaguars, pumas and sloths. The main attractions are the white-faced monkeys that live in groups of up to 50 members and can be found in most national parks throughout Costa Rica. The country also has a rich variety of bird species, including toucans and hummingbirds, which makes it an excellent place for birdwatching!

Costa Ballena National Wildlife Refuge

The Costa Ballena National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. The refuge itself is actually a network of five separate wildlife refuges, and it protects over 50% of all marine life in the country! This sanctuary is home to many endangered species, like sea turtles and scarlet macaws, as well as many others. Once you’ve reached this magical place, there are plenty of options for activities such as kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, or just relaxing on the beach and enjoying nature at its finest (and most beautiful).

National Wildlife Refuge.

Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) in the winter snow, Joshin-etsu National Park, Honshu, Japan.

If you’re looking for a beach paradise with the option of taking a short hike, head down south to the Costa Ballena National Wildlife Refuge. This wonderful place is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and coral reefs, as well as being an important nesting ground for sea turtles. The refuge is also home to various species of birds and marine life that call it home, including monkeys, iguanas and sloths.

If you’d like to get up close to nature on your trip, this place is perfect! You’ll be able to see different bird species in their natural habitats while taking in all that Costa Rica offers.

It stretches from Bahia Ballena down to Corcovado National Park in Osa Peninsula.

This national park is in the Osa Peninsula, on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The park is home to many species of animals, including sloths and jaguars. If you’re looking for a place to spot some wildlife or enjoy an amazing hike, this is definitely a must-see destination during your trip!

There are numerous rustic hotels on the coast and inland.

If you are interested in seeing monkeys or birds, there are many rustic hotels on the coast and inland where you can go hiking and see them without disturbing their habitat. One example is the La Curinga Bird Lodge, which offers a chance to view a wide range of rare birds as they fly freely through an expansive forest reserve. You will also take part in some excellent bird-watching excursions with expert guides that will show you how to spot these amazing creatures better than anyone else!

Arenal Volcano National Park

This park is a great place to visit on your solo trip because it’s close to the city but feels far away. You’ll get to hike through the rainforest and see amazing waterfalls. Just make sure you’re prepared for the heat and humidity!


If you’re looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a solo trip to Costa Rica is the perfect destination. It has everything you could want in an exotic vacation spot: lush rainforests, tropical beaches, volcanoes, and mountains. And it doesn’t hurt those friendly people who are happy to welcome newcomers into their community surrounded by these natural wonders.