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According to the National Association of Allied Health Professionals (NHA), the risks and dangers of traveling as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) include:

  • High potential for health risks associated with traveling: health risks include fever, culture-borne diseases, and other medical conditions.
  • Risk of sexual exploitation in remote areas: adventurers may be lured into unsterile and dangerous areas through advertising or bait posed by traffickers;
  • Risk of becoming a captive: skilled CNA workers may be taken captive by unscrupulous owners or managers who do not care about their safety or well-being;
  • Risk of becoming a victim of crime: criminals are likely to exploit unprotected workers, and;
  • Risk of becoming the victim of natural disasters: natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, can cause extensive damage and severe financial loss to businesses and individuals.
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Caution is advised when traveling to any area where it is known that the journey involves danger or where there is a high potential for health risks. Be sure you are familiar with the local customs and laws in your destination country and make sure any required vaccinations are up-to-date.