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For many years, Cancun has been a popular travel destination for visitors from around the world. But lately, it’s become known as more than just a party town or tourist trap. The city is now notorious for its high homicide rate and increased drug-related violence—statistics that have many people wondering if it’s safe to visit Mexico at all. As someone who has traveled extensively in Cancun and throughout Mexico over the past five years, I can tell you that traveling there is still very much worth it despite these reports of rising crime rates. That being said, there are certain things every traveler should know before visiting Cancun or any other part of Mexico:

Violence in Mexico is at its highest point in 20 years

In the past 20 years, violence in Mexico has reached its highest point as drug cartels wage war on each other and citizens. This violence is most commonly found along the U.S.-Mexico border region, but there have been reports of cartel activity near Cancun and other resorts.

If you do decide to travel to Mexico during this period, please be aware that you may encounter gang-related crime in your travels. For example, there have been several high-profile attacks on tourists at resorts in recent years. While these crimes are rare and isolated incidents, they do serve as a reminder that there may be risks associated with visiting Mexico during this period due to increased gang activity throughout the country (especially in Tijuana).

The violence isn’t contained to the border region

As a travel destination, Cancun is generally considered safe. However, there are parts of the city that have become increasingly dangerous over the past few years as violence has spread from the border region to other parts of Mexico. It’s important to be educated about what areas are safe and how you can stay safe while traveling in these areas.

While Cancun has many attractions and activities for tourists, you must remain aware of your surroundings at all times—especially at night.

While the U.S. government does caution against traveling to Mexico, it doesn’t specifically mention Cancun

Safe travels

The U.S. government doesn’t warn against travel to any part of Mexico, including Cancun. However, it does advise that you “reconsider” your travel plans if you’re considering visiting other parts of the country. The reason? The State Department is concerned that drug-related violence could spill into tourist destinations, even if they’re currently safe and secure for visitors.

The official warning issued by the U.S Department of State reads: “U.S citizens should “reconsider” their need to travel to all or parts of Mexico due to crime and terrorism.” In other words, although Cancun itself is still considered a relatively safe place for tourists from around the world, there’s still no guarantee that violence won’t spread northward from other parts of the country at some point in time—and thus make visiting Cancun less than ideal for anyone who wants peace of mind when traveling abroad (or at home).

The State Department urges travelers to “exercise increased caution,” largely due to concerns around drug cartels and crime

The State Department urges travelers to “exercise increased caution,” largely due to concerns around drug cartels and crime.

In particular, the State Department warns against travel to the state of Guerrero, where it’s currently not safe for tourists to visit the beach resort city of Acapulco. The same applies to all or parts of several other states, including Michoacán and Sinaloa. The State Department also recommends avoiding nonessential travel (and if you do go there, take precautions) in border regions with Mexico due to ongoing violence related to drug trafficking and organized crime. In general, tourist areas are safer than remote areas or places off main roads—just don’t let your guard down!

A majority of Mexico is still safe for travelers

Mexico is a large country, and there are many different places to visit within it. Cancun is one such area that attracts a lot of tourist traffic. However, it’s not the only place you can go on vacation in Mexico. The country has more than just one city to explore; there are many other destinations with their unique attractions that can make your trip even more memorable.

Cancun may be known as a popular vacation spot for beach-goers, but there are many cities in Mexico where you can enjoy the sand without worrying about security issues or any other potential problems that might arise during your stay. For example, Puerto Vallarta has been named one of the top 10 safest places to live in Latin America by Waze and has been ranked as an “excellent” destination for safety by TripAdvisor users who’ve traveled there before! With so much diversity throughout the country’s different regions (and different climates within those regions), travelers looking for peace of mind while abroad should consider choosing somewhere other than Cancun when planning their next vacation spot – especially since most parts outside this city tend

Violent crimes like robbery and murder aren’t common against tourists in Cancun, but theft and sexual assault are reported

While violent crimes like robbery and murder aren’t common against tourists in Cancun, theft and sexual assault are reported.

Theft is a serious issue throughout Mexico. Be especially careful if you’re carrying expensive equipment, such as a laptop computer or an iPad, which can be a target for thieves who want to sell them on the black market. It’s also wise to keep your passport, wallet and other valuables close at all times—even when you’re sleeping in your hotel room.

Sexual assaults occur in crowded areas such as nightclubs and beaches after dark; women should wear conservative clothing that doesn’t reveal too much skin, stay aware of their surroundings at night (i.e., don’t walk alone), avoid walking drunk people home from bars late at night unless you know them well enough to trust that they won’t take advantage of your kindness; if you feel unsafe anywhere in Mexico—even if it’s just one woman feeling uncomfortable—leave immediately so no one gets hurt!

There’s some risk involved with traveling anywhere, including Mexico

Zocalo Square and Mexico City Cathedral - Mexico City, Mexico

Traveling is inherently risky, and the same goes for Mexico. The state of Baja California Sur has been ranked as one of the most dangerous states in Mexico by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel to Mexico, it means that travelers should be aware of their surroundings and take precautions while they’re there.

Travelers should always be mindful of their surroundings when traveling abroad or even domestically. That being said, if you want to stay safe while traveling in North America… well… don’t go into a dark alley at night alone! You’ve got other options too: If you’re going out with friends or family members who have your back whenever possible; if not make sure someone knows where you are at all times (and make sure whoever knows isn’t too drunk themselves).


We hope that this article has helped you understand the current situation in Cancun, Mexico, and made the decision to visit easier. If anything, we want our readers to know that if they do have a trip planned there’s nothing wrong with canceling it or going somewhere else! But if you still want to go – and why wouldn’t you? – then make sure you’re taking all necessary precautions: don’t carry large amounts of cash around with you at any time; keep an eye out for suspicious people or cars when walking around town alone late at night; stay away from drugs and drink responsibly (those are some very good reasons not to take them).