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Looking to travel the world and make money doing it? Here are ten tips to help make your channel stand out:

1. Claim your channel as a travel channel.

If you’re aiming to make a name for yourself as a travel YouTuber, make sure to identify your strengths by asking yourself what kind of content you can produce that will interest travel fans. Claiming that you know everything about destinations and Plane Tickets can give your channel the legs it needs to stay in the top 10.

2. Use social media to reach out to travel-happy viewers.

When you start claiming attention from travel-loving viewers on social media, you can start to build relationships that will help you generate more content. Showcase your interesting travels on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and make sure to link back to your channel for potential followers to see.

3. Consider using Google AdWords.

Google AdWords can be a great way to reach a large audience of travel-savvy viewers without spending a lot of money. just make sure that you target specific keywords, and that your ads are clear and effective.

Traveler man planning vacation. Travel concept.

4. Produce more pilot episodes.

Every travel YouTuber should produce at least one pilot episode. This will give your audience a sneak peek at your content, and will allow you to better test different themes and angles with potential viewers.

5. Make use of social media for marketing.

While it’s not a necessity, it can be helpful to create content that targets specific social media platforms. For example, you can produce video content for Instagram and post it on Twitter and Facebook, highlighting your upcoming travels.

6. Build a social media following.

It’s not hard to create a following of travel-savvy viewers on social media. Just be sure to share regularly interesting content, and make sure to share your latest YouTube channel and trip reports on relevant hashtags.

7. Get into teaching.

While it’s not a requirement to become a traveling YouTuber, it can be a great way to generate additional income. By teaching how to travel, you can create a relationship with potential students and help them learn about different destinations.

Young Couple Travelling Through City Together Vlogging To Video Camera On Handheld Tripod

8. Produce travel-themed videos.

While not a requirement, 67.6% of YouTube viewers report watching a video related to travel within the past month. By featuring travel-themed videos on your channel, you can catch attention and generate traffic that could lead to better Sponsorship and Creativity opportunities.

9. Become a travel blogger.

While not a requirement, becoming a travel blogger can help build relationships with potential customers and increase the likelihood that your content will reach a wider audience. If you’re good at composing and maintaining a website, content creation and marketing can be a great way to make money as a traveling YouTuber.

10. Produce travel-themed reports.

Producing reports that focus on specific destinations and travel experiences can help grow your brand and generate followers and engagement. By sharing interesting travel-related reports on social media, you can engage with potential viewers in a unique and engaging way.