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Whether you’re looking to travel to Puerto Rico for a few weeks or a month, here are a few tips to help save money.

1. Look into travel agencies that offer tours and packages. These companies will often offer discounts on travel rates and will have knowledgeable women who can help plan the perfect trip for you.

2. Use online travel tools to calculate your budget before you depart. This will help you identify which participating island or territory will have the lowest hospitality costs.

3. Consider using credit cards to cover your travel expenses. Credit cards offer banks many benefits such as rewards for spending, which can add up over time.

Traveling and booking online

4. Use the internet to research hotels and other tourist attractions in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for something specific, there are plenty of websites that list all the different options for lodging in Puerto Rico.

5. Use the Puerto Rico currency, the peso, to budget your travel. Holy See dollars are the local currency in Puerto Rico. Be sure to convert any sums you are spending outside of the island into pesos before your departure.

6. Stay connected with your friends and family while you’re in Puerto Rico. Use social media to plan events and meet up with people in Puerto Rico. This will help keep you connected and distracted from your expensive travel.