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If you’re a solo traveler, taking pictures of your adventures is a great way to capture the memories. You can then share them with friends and family. You can even use them as part of your blog posts when writing about your trip. It’s easy to take great photos while travelling solo if you know what kinds of shots work best for solo travelers and how to set up those shots. Here are some tips for capturing amazing travel photos every time:

Find something to use as a tripod.

Camera on tripod when travelling solo
  • Use a camera tripod. If you have one, this is the easiest way to get stable photos.
  • Use a monopod. This can be really helpful if you need to take pictures of yourself or other people. Especially if there’s not much space for your camera tripod and you don’t have someone else nearby to hold it for you.
  • Use a selfie stick with a tripod mount, like the ones from [insert brand] that I use on my blog all the time! They’re super inexpensive (I paid $15 for mine). It is easy to use, and take up tiny space in your bag when not in use.

Use your phone’s timer.

  • Use the timer on your phone.
  • Use a timer app.
  • Use the timer on your camera.
  • Use the timer on your watch.
  • Use a tripod (if you have one).
  • Ask somebody to take it for you, either using their own phone or yours. In case of emergency, if there’s nobody around to take it for you, use whatever is available: A tree branch! Any rock formation! Your shoe! Just make sure there is nothing in front of the lens itself so that nothing gets in between you and your subject (I’m looking at you red-eye!).

Look for still moments.

When you’re travelling solo, you don’t always have a group of people to capture your adventures. So, take advantage of the moments when there are still people around and snap a photo! This is especially true in big cities like New York where there’s always something interesting happening. If you see someone who looks interesting just standing around, take a moment to ask them if you can get their portrait taken. They’ll probably be surprised that you want their picture taken, which will make for an even better photo.

Another thing I love doing is taking pictures during golden hour (the time right after sunrise or right before sunset). The light has a warm glow that makes everything look amazing! You can also use this time period to shoot street art as well because it’ll add color and vibrancy to your photos and help them stand out from other photos taken in similar settings but at different times of day.

Consider some add-ons.

When you’re travelling solo, it’s easy to forget about the little things. But with a few additions that can fit in your bag and don’t weigh too much, you’ll be able to get those perfect shots on your travels.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Tripod – A tripod is an essential add-on if you want to take better photos. You can use a smartphone tripod or even just set up something stable (like a chair) and rest your camera on top of it.
  • Selfie stick – You may not be taking selfies all the time when you’re travelling, but having one handy can be useful for group shots or landscapes where there aren’t many people around for perspective. Plus, if someone wants a photo with you but doesn’t have a camera or phone with them? It’s always nice having this option available!
  • Bounce card – This tool is basically like a reflector—you wave it around so light bounces back into where there are dark areas of your photograph (like shadows) and helps balance out lighting levels overall so they look more balanced overall!

Make it a moving shot.

Young woman traveler taking photo when travelling solo

You’re going to want to make sure your camera settings are set up properly so that you can take great photos. The first step is choosing a slow shutter speed, which allows you to capture movement in the shot. If you don’t have a tripod, try using a self-timer or remote shutter release so that you don’t have to hold the camera yourself. You’ll also want to use a wide-angle lens for more of an encompassing view of your surroundings and add interest by looking for unique angles and perspectives along the way.

If none of those options sound good, try getting creative with selfie sticks! They’re easy to find almost anywhere these days and provide lots of fun opportunities for making awesome travel photos—whether it’s leaning out over an ocean cliff or snapping shots around town with one hand while holding onto someone else’s arm for support (aka: not just taking selfies).

Try the self-timer method.

  • Try the self-timer method.
  • When you’re travelling by yourself, it can be easy to feel a little lonely and isolated. But there are ways to combat this: taking photos of yourself is one way!
  • You can do this in a mirror, or with a friend (if you’re lucky enough to have one).
  • Or if you don’t have either of those things available, try using your selfie stick or tripod instead! If you’re feeling really brave, why not also take a picture with someone else?

Ask a passerby.

  • Ask a passerby.

If you’re shy, or if you’re afraid of appearing rude, it can be hard to approach strangers. But don’t be! People love talking about themselves, and they’ll likely be delighted to help out a stranger who wants to hear your story.

  • Asking for permission is important in order to avoid any legal trouble down the road. Some photos are worth less than others, so make sure that if someone agrees to take your picture with them or their family members or pets (or anything else), that it’s not just for editorial purposes—it must be for commercial purposes as well!

Taking brilliant pictures while travelling solo is easy once you have the right tips and tricks!

It might surprise you at how easy it is to get some great shots when you’re alone.

If you want to take photos while traveling solo, it’s important that you have the right tips and tricks!

Here are some tips on how to take pictures when you are traveling without a companion:

  • Make sure that we charge your camera before leaving home or the hotel room. You don’t want your phone battery dying before sunset! A spare charger would also be a good idea—you never know if there will be outlets available in your destination location.
  • Have extra batteries at hand, but only use them if necessary (or use rechargeable batteries). If possible, avoid bringing extra items in case something breaks or needs replaced unexpectedly during travel time; this way there won’t be any unnecessary weight strapped on for later journeys either!


You can travel alone and still take great photos, but it requires some planning and practice. The tips in this blog post will help you get started, but there are many more out there which we hope you’ll find useful as well when travelling solo.