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Assuming you’re talking about international travel: There are a lot of things you need to think about when planning a trip abroad – your budget, where you’re going to stay, and what you’re going to do when you’re there. And of course, you need to have a passport. But what if you don’t have a passport? Or what if you lost it? Or what if it expires before your trip? Don’t worry – there are ways to travel without a passport.

Here are 10 hacks to help you get there:

Consider a “passport-free” destination.

There are plenty of beautiful places to see right here in North America. From the stunning coastlines of California to the majestic Rocky Mountains, there’s no shortage of breathtaking scenery.

Drive across the border.

If you live in the United States, there are plenty of opportunities for passport-free travel. Just hop in the car and drive across the border into Canada or Mexico. You can even visit Bermuda or the Bahamas without a passport, as long as you have a valid government-issued ID.

Take a cruise.

Young woman in a sea cruise

Cruises are a great way to travel without a passport. You can depart from and return to the same port, so you never have to leave the country. And, most cruises include stops at multiple ports of call, so you can still get a taste of different cultures and destinations.

Visit the US Virgin Islands.

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, the US Virgin Islands are a great option. You can fly directly from many US airports, and no passport is required.

Stay closer to home.

There’s no need to travel far from home to have a great time. There are plenty of interesting places to explore in your own backyard. Do some research and find a hidden gem in your own state or province.

Use your Native American status.

Confident tourist.

If you have Native American ancestry, you may be able to cross the US-Canada border without a passport. The process is a bit complicated, but it’s worth looking into if you have the qualifying ancestry.

Apply for a passport card.

If you’re not interested in getting a full passport, you can apply for a passport card instead. This smaller, wallet-sized card can be used for travel by land and sea within North America.

Get an enhanced driver’s license.

If you live in the US or Canada, you may be able to get an enhanced driver’s license (EDL). This special license allows you to cross the US-Canada border without a passport.

Use a Trusted Traveler Program.

On way to honeymoon. Couple travelers with suitcases

If you frequently travel to Canada or Mexico, you may want to consider enrolling in a Trusted Traveler Program. These programs allow for expedited border crossings for pre-approved, low-risk travelers.

Get a NEXUS card.

The NEXUS card is a “passport alternative” for travel between the US and Canada. It’s available to both citizens and legal permanent residents of either country.

So, there you have it! 10 hacks to help you travel without a passport. With a little creativity and planning, you can take the trip of a lifetime – no passport required!