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Travelling solo can be a ton of fun, but it’s also a scary thought for many people. We live in a generation where we’re told to stay safe, avoid risks and never leave our comfort zones. Is travelling solo worth it? Travelling solo is one of those things that people just won’t do unless they do not know the truth! So here I am to convince you: travelling solo is worth it.

Is travelling solo worth it?…

Travelling solo is absolutely worth it. And yes, you can do it!

There are a number of reasons why traveling solo is so worth it. In fact, here are just some of the benefits:

  • You can learn a lot about yourself and your preferences when traveling alone. Travelling alone gives you time to reflect on who you are and what makes you happy—not just what other people tell us makes us happy! If you’re anything like me, then this is an invaluable experience for self-discovery.
  • You will meet new people along the way—and not just those who happen to be staying at the same hostel as you or happen to sit next to you on the bus ride into town (although those can be fun too). I’ve made so many amazing friends while traveling through Couchsurfing events or by simply hanging out with people in hostels around town whenever they asked if I wanted to join them for dinner or drinks after work had finished earlier than expected one night. The world seems smaller because we all share similar experiences while on vacation away from home; there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t get along with each other just fine!

Why do people travel solo?

Is solo travel worth it?

Is travelling solo worth it? Well, if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t have done it. People travel solo for a variety of reasons. Some do it to get away from a stressful environment, some seek the company of other people, and still others need to learn a new language or about new cultures. There are those who want to discover themselves and those who want to do something different that they’ve always wanted to do.

The most common reason people decide to travel by themselves is because they’re curious about how they’ll fare in unfamiliar territory.

What are the benefits of travelling solo?

As a solo traveller, you can go where you want, when you want. You’re completely free to decide how long to stay in each place and what activities to do there. This means that if a place doesn’t seem like it’s for you, then you don’t have to stick around for more than a day or two until something more interesting comes along – which is exactly what happened with me in Vietnam!

With this freedom also comes responsibility: if something goes wrong (and it will), then no one will be there to help out except yourself. So make sure that the places where you stay are safe enough that they won’t leave your belongings out in plain sight at night and make sure not let anyone know where exactly they are staying either!

The best thing about travelling on your own is definitely meeting new people – whether it’s locals or other travellers who just happen by while exploring their own interests as well! This makes conversations really interesting because everyone has something different going on in their lives; all those experiences combined create an atmosphere filled with laughter and conversation starters galore 🙂

What is the biggest disadvantage of travelling alone?

Travelling solo has its own set of challenges, but there are also some huge advantages too. The biggest disadvantage is that you are on your own and you don’t have anyone to share the experience with. It can be difficult to manage all the logistics of travel. When something goes wrong, there is no one there to help you.

In some places it might not be safe for solo travellers either. For example, it’s not recommended that female travellers go alone in India or Indonesia because these countries have a high rate of sexual assault against women travelling alone. Another example would be if you needed medical treatment while travelling; without someone else around who knows about your condition, getting help may be difficult or impossible at times.

Some people worry about whether they will have enough money for their trip because they won’t have someone else contributing to the cost (although this is often a very small part of why people don’t want to go travelling).

Will travel make me more self-aware, more confident and less afraid?

Travelling alone will make you more self-aware and confident. You’ll see that your fears were unfounded, and that you actually know how to survive in the world. You’ll learn about yourself, and how much more there is to discover about the world around you.

What sort of person would benefit from solo travel?

Solo travel is for people who love to be independent, enjoy their own company and are okay with spending long periods of time alone.

People who are introverts or social butterflies will find solo travel rewarding in different ways. If you’re introverted, the chance to spend hours exploring a new environment without the influence of others can liberate and relax them. For extroverts, it gives them a chance to bond with themselves by writing journals or exploring their surroundings at their own pace without having to worry about anyone else’s schedule or plans. Solo travellers often develop strong friendships with fellow adventurers in hostels or on bus trips – something I personally have learned from my experience travelling alone in South America last year!

Solo travel tips and ideas for the adventurer in you!

  • Try to mix up your destinations
  • Solo travel is for everyone
  • Go solo because you want to and not because you feel like you have to
  • Solo travel should be fun, engaging and full of new experiences

The number one best tip for travelling alone

The best piece of advice I can give you is to be prepared. This means packing smart and bringing everything that you need without overpacking, or forgetting something crucial. It also means being flexible with your plans, open-minded about what you will do each day (and the possibility of changing your plans at a moment’s notice), patient when things don’t go according to plan, adventurous enough to try new things and learn from them even if it feels uncomfortable at first…

You should travel solo because it forces you out of your comfort zone in a way that few other experiences do. You have only yourself for company and support – so how does one get through such an intense experience? By being ready to meet new people, take photos (because selfies are great!), enjoy the journey itself (here’s some food for thought: traveling gives us more time than we realise) and most importantly taking time out every now and again just to appreciate where we are right now because it could all end very soon!

If you’re thinking about travelling solo, maybe you should just do it.

Is solo travel worth it?

If you’re thinking about travelling solo, maybe you should just do it. Travelling solo gives you the opportunity to travel at your own pace and on your own terms. No need to worry about someone else’s schedule or what they want to do. You don’t have to share the experience with anyone else, which means even if things don’t go as planned (or even if they go better than planned), there’s no one else who gets left out of the adventure.

You’ll also get closer to nature; when we spend time alone in nature, we realize how much we depend on each other for survival and how important it is that everyone works together and cares for each other. When we get away from our phones and computers, it becomes easier for us to connect with others because we aren’t distracted by technology all of the time!


So, what are you waiting for? We’ve given you everything you need to know about travelling solo, from the benefits of the experience and why it’s worth doing to tips for making your trip the best one ever. If you’re still unsure about whether this is something you should try then we’ll leave these final words from our favourite travel writer Ernest Hemingway, who famously wrote “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places”.