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It’s been a few years now since I visited Italy, but I still can’t stop thinking about the trip. Our tour guide gave us some great recommendations for our first day in Venice, including where to grab coffee and gelato. We also went on a wine tour with a local company that had been around for generations—and tasted some amazing Italian wines! Finally, we explored Florence, which is known for its art museums and beautiful gothic architecture.

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Woman traveling in Venice, Italy

If you’ve never been to Venice, you might be shocked at how small and walkable the city is. It’s a canalside architectural wonderland that’s best explored by foot. The most popular places for sightseeing are St Mark’s Square, Piazza San Marco; Rialto Bridge; Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) and Santa Maria della Salute. You’ll also find plenty of historical sites like Doge’s Palace and Basilica di San Marco among others.

You can easily spend two days exploring Venice without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed because there are so many beautiful things to see here!


Florence is a city in Tuscany, Italy. It is the capital city of the region of Tuscany and it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. This city is home to many museums and art galleries. You can visit these places on your own or you can go with an organized tour group. If you have time, I suggest that you visit all the major attractions in Florence before heading out to other cities such as Pisa or Siena (which are both about 1 hour away).


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Positano is a small town on the Amalfi Coast, which boasts some of Italy’s most beautiful scenery. The town itself is one of the most picturesque places in Europe and is popular with tourists from around the world. Not only does Positano offer stunning views, but it also has plenty to see and do for those who want to get out and about during their visit.


Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so it’s no surprise that there are many things to see and do there. Here are some highlights:

Rome Silhouette At Sunset
Rome Silhouette At Sunset
  • The Colosseum – The largest amphitheater in Rome and one of the best preserved ancient monuments in Europe, this 2nd century structure was built by Emperor Vespasian to host gladiator fights, animal hunts, and executions.
  • The Vatican Museums – The museums have over 80 galleries containing works from all periods of art history since classical antiquity through modern times. If you have time only for one museum in Rome, make it this one! You’ll be able to see famous pieces like Michelangelo’s David statue or Raphael’s frescoes on Sistine Chapel ceiling as well as other masterpieces from Greek sculptures to Renaissance paintings.
  • Trevi Fountain – This fountain conserves its original appearance despite several changes made over time: first commissioned by Pope Sixtus V (reigned 1585-1590), later additions were made by Bernini during 1642-1667; finally restored again after being damaged during WWII bombings with materials taken away by German soldiers using them for construction purposes elsewhere ([here](

Italy is an ancient, beautiful country with a rich culture and heritage.

Italy is an ancient, beautiful country with a rich culture and heritage. It’s also a popular tourist destination, although it’s often overlooked by tourists who visit Europe. If you’re planning on going to Italy for the first time, here are some tips for your trip:

  • See the sights! You’ll want to see as many of Italy’s sights as possible while you’re there—they’re amazing! There are countless museums, cathedrals, castles and palaces to visit while in Italy; plan ahead if you want to fit them all into your itinerary on this vacation.
  • Eat at local restaurants! Most museums offer food services (for purchase) within their walls; this way you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine while learning about history. It’s also always fun to try new dishes when traveling abroad!


In conclusion, Italy is a wonderful place to visit. It has great food, beautiful sights and friendly people. I hope you get the chance to go there for yourself one day soon!