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Traveling alone as a woman can be difficult and intimidating. However, travelling alone at 18 when you don’t have parents to look after you can be even scarier. I travelled around Europe at 18 and learned so much about myself and life in general, but it was also scary sometimes because I was on my own. If you are looking for inspiration or just want to know about solo travel at 18, then read my story!

Lessons learned in solo travel at 18.

  • You can do it!
  • Remember, that you are stronger than you think.
  • You are not alone in your fears and insecurities.
  • Make friends with other solo travellers if possible. I found that travelling with a group of people who had already travelled before made the experience better for everyone involved, and just knowing that there was someone else there to share the experience made me feel less lonely or worried about being alone (even when I was by myself). * Find yourself an Instagram friend! We’ve all seen those posts where some random person from another country will comment on one of your photos with “Hi!” or “I like this photo.” It’s so weird, but it’s also kind of amazing because they’re just trying to say hello and connect with other humans through social media—and sometimes you can go from stranger to besties because of it!

A girl who travelled alone at 18.

Solo travel at 18

She was born in the city of Chicago and lived there for most of her life. She was a high school student, but she worked part time as a waitress in order to save up for college tuition. When she turned 18, she decided it was time to book her first solo trip abroad. She chose Paris because…

Solo travel is fun but can be scary for women.

Solo travel can be a fun and empowering experience for women. I’ve always been an independent person and solo travel gave me the chance to learn about myself, meet new people, explore other cultures and challenge my comfort zone.

However, there are some things you should know before taking your first solo trip:

Traveling abroad at 18 is exciting and scary.

Traveling abroad is exciting and scary. It is important to be prepared, safe, independent, confident, open-minded and adventurous. Read some helpful tips here, for solo travellers.

The first thing you need to know is that your first trip should not be a long one. You are still young and inexperienced in the travel world so make sure it’s not too long or complicated for you. The best thing would be if you can find a friend who wants to go with you on this trip or someone close who can help guide you through this process.

Inspiration for anyone wanting to travel alone as a woman.

  • How to meet people
  • Know how to stay safe
  • Plan on how to travel cheaply
  • Overcoming your fears, and how it’s okay even if you don’t want to do something alone.
  • Making friends in foreign countries is easy! You just need the right mindset.

If you’re wondering “how can I be independent?” or “how do I make friends?”, this blog post is for you. Read about tips for female solo travellers here.

A story of traveling abroad without parents at age 18.

Traveling abroad without parents at this age is not easy. But it is possible. For me, I knew that I needed a plan and a backup plan to succeed in my solo travels.

Planning: The first thing you need to do before leaving for your trip is make sure that everything is planned out and organized so that nothing goes wrong while you are away from home. This includes knowing exactly how much money you will spend on food, accommodation, transportation, souvenirs etc., as well as making sure that there’s a contingency plan for any emergencies that may arise during your stay abroad (like getting sick or injured).

Being prepared: Another important aspect of travelling alone at 18 years old is being prepared for just about anything—including getting lost or running into trouble with locals who might try to cause harm if provoked enough! It’s always good practice to carry around some basic supplies like water bottles (or portable containers), snacks/food bars etc., just incase something happens unexpectedly during day-to-day life while abroad; plus having these things on hand can save money too 🙂

Solo travel at 18 is a wonderful experience that can teach you independence and self-confidence

Young woman solo trip travel sightseeing

By traveling alone, I was able to discover more about myself. I learned that I can do things on my own and don’t need anyone else’s help or approval.

Furthermore, I also learned a lot about other cultures and people around me. I got to know different ways of life in different countries and cities, which inspired me to learn more about their history, arts and traditions.

My solo travel experience made me realize that the world is much bigger than just our country or city; it has so much more to offer! It made me realize how small we are compared to God’s creation so it’s important for us as humans not only take care of ourselves but also to take care of others as well because without them we wouldn’t be able to live comfortably here on earth today.” Read about my solo trip to Iceland here.


I want to share my story with you hoping it inspires others to travel. I know how scary it can go abroad by yourself at such a young age, but don’t let fear hold you back. If I could do it, anyone can! Remember that travelling will always be good for your soul, as long as you keep an open mind and enjoy yourself while doing so.