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My wife and I planned a trip to Dubai for our one-year anniversary, and it was everything we expected. We spent four nights in the city of Dubai and visited all these amazing places:

smiling couple with bottles of water in city

Day 1

You arrived at Dubai International Airport and immediately explored your new surroundings. After being seated at the restaurant in your hotel, you ordered a delicious meal and some refreshing drinks before heading back to your room for some much-deserved rest. You were so excited about what was going to come next that sleep didn’t come easily—but when it did; it came heavy! When you woke up, however, you were refreshed and ready for anything!

After getting dressed in your most comfortable clothes (because who knows how long they’ll take?), we headed out into the city centre and visited the local shopping mall where we could find everything from clothes to toys and electronics. It was amazing! Next stop: aquariums! After spending hours watching sharks swim around tanks full of colourful fish (and even more colourful coral), we decided it might be time for lunch; luckily there was one right next door! Is an entire tank full of giant prawns? Yes, please!!

Day 2

The next day, we visited the Burj Al Arab. This hotel is very famous and you have probably seen it in a lot of movies or maybe even a music video. The view from there was breathtaking and made me feel like I was on top of the world. After that, we went to The Dubai Mall, which is one of the largest malls in the world! We did some shopping and then visited Dubai Aquarium where we saw penguins, sharks, sea horses…etc..! It brought back memories from when I watched Finding Nemo haha.

Beautiful downtown area in Dubai at night, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The beautiful downtown area in Dubai at night, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Day 3

On our third day, we visited the Dubai Mall. We did a lot of shopping, and I bought some clothes. They were expensive, but they were so cute that I had to get them!

After the mall, we went to see the Burj Khalifa. It was so tall that my head hurt just looking at it!

We also went to see the Dubai Fountain show. The water shoots up so high into the air that you can barely see it! It is amazing how much water they use for this show: 22 million gallons every night!

After that, we went back to our hotel room because it was getting late.

Joyful Couple Carrying Shopping Bags Laughing Spending Time In Mall

Day 4

  • Dubai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Museum

Our Dubai trip was great. We visited all these places and ate food at these restaurants.

Szechuan Idli

We had a great time in Dubai. The weather was nice, and we got to see all the sights. We could eat at some fantastic restaurants and do some activities that are offered there. We really enjoyed our trip, and it was fun to visit with our friends for an anniversary celebration.


We had a blast on our first anniversary. It’s always fun to go out and explore new places, especially when they’re as beautiful as Dubai! I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip as much as we did experiencing it.