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Morocco is a country that has been on my travel bucket list for years. When I finally got around to going, I couldn’t wait to explore its mosques and markets—not to mention all the amazing food that you can find there! But as an American travelling alone, I was also nervous about how my experience would go, especially since Morocco has a reputation for being somewhat conservative (especially when compared to other countries in North Africa). Here are some tips on how to navigate this unique land while still having fun:

visitors at the morrocoan architecture islamic building museum in Malaysia

Use a paper guidebook

If you’re looking for a guidebook that includes all of that, as well as information about travelling in Morocco and what to expect from the country’s people, look no further than Lonely Planet’s Morocco guidebook.

Lonely Planet guides have been around since 1973, when three friends put together what would become their first book: Across Asia on the Cheap. Since then, they’ve published countless titles, offering detailed descriptions of hundreds of countries all over the world—including Morocco!

Know your boundaries

When travelling, it’s important to know your boundaries and how to communicate those boundaries with others. Whether you are travelling alone or with a group, it is important to create the right expectations for yourself by setting clear boundaries. When I travel solo, I often set up my own rules and routines so that I can feel comfortable in unfamiliar settings. It’s okay to change your mind about what feels right for you as long as it doesn’t disrupt anyone else’s plans or prevent them from experiencing their trip too! If there are other travellers joining you on your adventure, be sure to share your intentions with them so that everyone knows what will work best for the group. If a situation arises where someone crosses a boundary without your consent first (whether intentional), check-in with yourself: Are they being offensive? Is this something worth negotiating? Is this something worth talking through? Only then should we take action by asking these questions: Are these words/actions helpful? Do they help me/us grow closer together as friends/family members/colleagues etcetera…

Learn some Moroccan Arabic and French phrases

Asking for directions is one of the best ways to get a feel for the local language, so it’s important to learn how to ask for them in French and Arabic.

  • “Sahha?” or “Sahaha?” (pronounced: sahh-HA) is a question asking what something is called in Moroccan Arabic. The answer should be short, simple and direct; no need to overcomplicate things! It means “What is this?” or “What’s this called?”.
  • “Kifak?” (pronounced: kee-fack) means please in Moroccan Arabic. For example: “Kifak fa?” means “please do it”; “Kifak fiha?” would mean something like “Can I have some more?” Note that there are many other ways of saying please depending on your level of politeness with natives and strangers alike! So if you’re having a conversation with someone who knows English well but doesn’t know how polite they should be speaking out loud then just keep asking questions until they understand what you want from them.”

Pack modest clothing

There’s no reason to get caught unprepared, so here are some tips on how to dress for your trip.

  • When visiting mosques or other holy places in Morocco, it’s best to cover up by wearing long pants or skirts and loose-fitting shirts (no tank tops). Be sure not to wear short shorts or skirts, as these can be offensive. If you don’t have any modest clothing packed, there are shops in the city that sell scarves and long pants or skirts.
  • City: In the city, it is more acceptable for women to wear shorts, but they should avoid low-cut tops or dresses that show too much cleavage. It is also a good idea not to wear revealing clothes if you plan on going out at night.

Meet locals

To get the most out of your trip, it’s important to meet and talk to locals. Locals have the best information and can show you the hidden gems that tourists miss. They’ll also reveal their culture, giving you an insider’s perspective on what makes Morocco special.

  • Talk to people! Ask questions like: Where is the best place to eat? Where can I go for a hike? Can you recommend any local attractions?
  • Ask for help! If you need directions or recommendations, there is no shame in asking someone who lives there what they would do if they were visiting where you are now. If someone offers their help (which they will), accept it graciously—and follow through on any suggestions they make!
  • Offer your assistance! If someone asks how they can help with something (like getting some water or carrying heavy items), don’t hesitate to say yes! This gesture is both polite and generous as it gives back some of all that Morocco has given us as travellers—a unique experience full of memories we’ll never forget.

Don’t compare Morocco to other places you’ve been

  • Don’t compare Morocco to the movies.
  • Don’t compare Morocco to the TV shows.
  • Don’t compare Morocco to other countries (ie, France).
  • Don’t compare Morocco to your own country (ie, USA). That would be weird because it’s not your country! This is why we call them “different cultures” and not “dumb cultures” or “stupid cultures” or “bad cultures.” They’re different from our culture because they’re different! The whole point of traveling is that we get out of our comfort zone and experience new things! You won’t learn anything if you just keep doing everything exactly like at home because then there’s no learning happening at all! Our goal here is learning so let’s talk about how culture can help with that next…

Morocco is an amazing country full of great food, friendly people, and wonderful sights.

Top view of delicious Moroccan cuisine dishes
Top view of delicious Moroccan cuisine dishes

Morocco is an amazing country full of great food, friendly people, and wonderful sights. It’s a great place to visit if you want to see the beautiful city of Fes or experience the rich culture in Marrakech. Morocco also has plenty of great food like Moroccan tea and Moroccan pita breads! If you are looking for something different than what you get at home then Morocco can be your new favorite vacation spot!


Morocco is a wonderful place to visit, and it’s easy to feel at home here. The people are very friendly and welcoming, food is delicious, and the sights are beautiful. You can be sure that you will enjoy your trip if you follow these tips!