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I’m not a professional travel writer, but I’ve been on a lot of solo Europe trip over the years and have learned a thing or two about planning for long-term travel. And as you can probably imagine, one thing that has helped me most during those trips is having an open mind. When it comes to traveling solo—and especially when it comes to expanding your comfort zone by traveling solo—being willing to try new things is essential.

Researching the best cell phone plan for traveling abroad

cell phone for solo trip in europe
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Researching the best cell phone plan for traveling abroad

It may be tempting to just pick up your current phone and hop on a flight, but if you want to avoid any problems while travelling through Europe (or anywhere else), it’s worth doing some research on the best cell phone plan to use.

Cell phones work differently in different countries and sometimes even cities within the same country, so make sure that when you buy a new cell phone plan, it will actually work in the country where you are travelling.

Applying for the ESTA when Planning for Your Solo Europe Trip

So you’re in the process of planning your European adventure for 2022 and you’ve come across the ESTA application. What is it, exactly? An ESTA is a visa waiver program that allows U.S citizens to travel freely to Europe without a visa. This is an extremely useful program because it makes traveling much easier, especially if this is your first time visiting Europe.

ESTA applications are free and valid for two years if you apply before 12 months have passed since your last visit to the U.S., or one year after applying if applied after 12 months has passed since last visit to the US. They can renew it for you when necessary (with no additional cost) up until 30 days before its expiry date by simply filling out another form online. Once approved, your ESTA will be valid for multiple trips within two years from the date of issuance; however, each trip must be at least 5 days long and not more than 90 days per visit period — so plan accordingly!

Completing The European Health Insurance Card Application Form

  • The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a free service that all British citizens can apply for, and it will cover you while travelling in Europe.
  • You need to complete the form before you travel. You have up to three months after your return from Europe before the card expires. You might need to wait 8 weeks before you get the go-ahead, so start early. You’ll also need time for any postal delays or complications with postal services in other countries than Britain.
  • The EHIC form is available on the Department of Health & Social Care website—just click ‘Apply’ and then choose ‘apply online’ from the drop-down menu that appears once you’ve signed into their system with your NHS number and password (if this doesn’t work, try resetting your password first).
  • The English version takes less than two minutes and requires only basic information: name, address, passport number, dates of travel across Europe (including arrival and departure), plus one emergency contact number—but not email address or mobile phone number as these won’t appear on any documentation related to receiving medical treatment abroad anyway!

Getting a passport is a Must-do Before Your Solo Europe Trip

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been meaning to get a passport for years. But it can be difficult to do when you have other things going on. After all, although the process is pretty straightforward, it still requires time and effort—and who has time for that?

If so, don’t worry: The good news is that getting a passport doesn’t need to take up much of your time at all. In fact, if you apply online through the U.S. Department of State website or at any post office location in person (there are multiple locations in NYC), then all you’ll need is an application form plus one photo (they recommend two) taken within 30 days of applying with no hat or sunglasses covering your face (more info here). Once you submit these documents along with payment via credit card or check (no cash!), they should arrive within six weeks (but often sooner).

Obtaining a credit card with travel rewards

  • Obtaining a credit card with travel rewards
  • Getting one with no foreign transaction fees
  • Getting one with no annual fee

Setting up a travel savings account

A travel savings account is a great way to save money and keep your budget on track. But it’s not just about the money you put into it—it’s also about keeping track of how much you’ve spent, so you’re always aware of how much you have left in your account.

One way to make sure that happens? Use an app like Qapital (which works with Apple and Android) that connects with your bank account and automatically transfers funds from your checking account into an investment portfolio or savings goals, like travel expenses. That way, no matter what else comes up, there’s always some cash sitting there earmarked for Europe!

Before you go on you Solo Europe Trip, Find a good travel insurance provider

Travel Insurance for solo trip in Europe

Finding a good travel insurance provider for your solo Europe trip should be a top priority.

You’ll want to make sure your plan covers you in the event of any medical emergencies and other emergencies that might arise from your travels.

The best way to find out what kind of coverage you need is to ask yourself some key questions: What happens if I get sick or injured? What about theft or damage to my belongings? What happens if I have an emergency during my trip?

To help answer these questions, we’ve put together an infographic with tips on how to navigate the world of travel insurance.

Setting aside money to open a Charles Schwab investment account

I’ve been thinking about opening a Charles Schwab investment account for quite some time. I’ve read a lot about their low trading fees and have heard from friends who use them that it’s one of the best options out there.

Setting aside money to open a Charles Schwab investment account is just one aspect of my life planning for this trip, but it’s important nonetheless. I’ll be able to invest in companies like Apple and Microsoft, which we all know are going to do well because they make our lives better every day!

Taking some language classes during my COVID-19 downtime.

  • Take some language classes during my COVID-19 downtime
  • Find a good language course, teacher, partner and podcast/app
  • Start learning Spanish!

Starting to learn French on my own. I found this course on Udemy that looks great!

I found this course on Udemy that looks great! It’s called “French for Beginners” and is taught by a native speaker. You can get started with the first part of the course for free, but I’ve paid for the whole thing because I want to learn as much as possible before going to France.

I think it will be really useful for me because it’s designed for people who don’t have any background in French, so all the vocabulary and grammar is broken down into simple terms. That makes it easy to follow along with what they’re saying in the video lessons. Plus, they have audio files that you can listen to while watching the videos so you hear how everything’s pronounced correctly!

I also think this course will be fun because each lesson only takes about 15 minutes each time, so even if you only have time during your commute or lunch break at work (or whenever), then you can set aside some time every day just by listening through them while doing something else at home like folding laundry or making dinner (if your partner lets you). Plus then when we go visit my mom who lives near Lyon next summer—which seems like forever away but isn’t—it’ll be nice knowing some basic phrases in French beforehand.”

Thinking about planning your solo europe trip in 2022? These are the things I’m doing right now so I can be ready when travel opens back up.

My solo trip to Europe is fast approaching, but before I can hop on that plane, I have a lot of work to do.

  • Read about the pros and cons of solo travel.
  • Figure out what kind of hostel you’ll be staying at (if any).
  • Choose which countries you want to visit on your own timetable.


I hope this post helped you think about your own travel plans. If you’re interested in traveling solo to Europe in 2022, then maybe these tips will give you some food for thought on how to make it happen! And if not, that’s okay too; I just wanted to share what I’m doing with my life now so that when the time comes for me personally (and hopefully for everyone else), we’ll all be ready 🙂