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Travelling solo can be a liberating experience, but it comes with its own challenges. You need to be self-sufficient and organised, but also cautious about where you go and what you do. So here are my tips for having a great time when going on a solo holiday in Ireland.

Look out for hostels and B&Bs which are friendly to solo travellers.

If you’re a solo traveller, you’ll want to look out for hostels and B&Bs that are friendly to solo travellers. Look for places that have a common area where other travellers can hang out, or at least places where you can feel comfortable in your room alone without feeling like an outsider. Many hostels have kitchen facilities so that guests can prepare their own food instead of having to eat at restaurants every night. Some also have bars that offer cheap drinks and great conversation with other travellers. And TV lounges are good for winding down after a long day on the road!

solo holiday in Ireland

A lot of hostels will let you book multiple nights on their website, which is perfect if you plan on staying over one night in Ireland!

You will probably meet people willing to share a taxi, or who want to go for dinner.

Some people travel around Ireland alone, and more than a few of them come back to me later saying how much they enjoyed the experience. They were surprised at just how friendly people in Ireland are and how many new friends they made.

The best way to meet people is through your travels—whether that means taking a bus somewhere or exploring the countryside on foot. If you’re looking for something less solitary, you can still do things like go on tour buses or take cooking classes with locals.

Dublin is a great place for the solo traveller

Dublin is a great place for the solo traveller – it’s a walkable city and there’s lots of accommodation options, from Airbnbs to hostels to five-star hotels. The most important thing is that you’re safe against pickpockets, but this applies all over the world really.

Download the Hailo app when on a Solo Holiday in Ireland

Download the Hailo app. It’s all about e-hailing taxis, so while you can hail someone on the street, or call a number or go into a taxi rank, this allows you to check how many minutes away your taxi is and when it will arrive. It also means that you don’t have to wait in line (a big bonus if it’s raining) and they won’t leave without you as they can see where you are via GPS.

You can use the Irish Rail website to plan your solo holiday in Ireland

The Irish Rail website is easy to use, and it allows you to book your ticket in advance. You can select a departure time and destination, as well as the type of transport you want (the train, bus or coach). We may purchase tickets at any station or ticket office during operating hours. If you are in Dublin city centre, it’s best to use an ATM instead of buying a ticket from the station itself!

Bus Éireann also offers services throughout Ireland; these include intercity buses connecting major cities such as Cork and Galway with each other, commuter buses which run between smaller towns like Killarney and Limerick City every day (sometimes twice or even three times per day), plus night services that connect major towns with each other after midnight when all other forms of transport have stopped running. You can purchase your tickets online at or by phoning their Customer Care Centre on 01 497 1900 within Ireland only: outside Ireland call +353 1 497 1900 Monday-Friday 0900-1700 GMT+1

Solo travellers are vulnerable to crime targeting tourists.

solo holiday in Ireland

When travelling alone, you are more vulnerable to crime targeting tourists. Here are some precautionary tips that will help keep you safe during your trip:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t walk down dark alleyways and back streets alone at night. If you’re carrying valuables or sizeable sums of cash, make sure they’re safely secured in a secure pouch or money belt under your clothing so they don’t get stolen if someone bumps into you on the street or grabs your bag while walking past.
  • Lock up all valuables in the hotel room when not being worn, even if they just look like ordinary items such as jewelry or watches. The Irish police force encourages travellers who stay overnight at hotels (or even B&Bs) to always leave any expensive items behind when checking out in order to minimize their vulnerability should there be an incident such as theft from unattended vehicles parked outside hotels or B&Bs nearby.


Travelling by yourself can be a great way to take your time and enjoy the sights and sounds of a new country. It’s also cheaper than travelling with friends or family, so you’ll have more money left over for souvenirs!