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If you’re traveling solo or just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Egypt is a great place to go. It’s full of culture and history, it’s easy to get around and there’s plenty of traditional shopping opportunities. Visit Egypt today and see amazing places, take a cruise on the river nile, or travel to Egypt via the Red Sea. However, it can be difficult if you’re not used to these kinds of trips. Here are some travel tips that will help make your Egyptian adventure even better:

Tip 1: Getting Around Egypt As a Solo Female

How you travel to Egypt is up to you. You can fly into Cairo or Alexandria, and from there take a taxi, bus or train to your next destination. Many tourists book organized excursions that include transportation from A to B, but if you’re looking for more adventure and independence in Egypt, this option may be best for you.

There are many ways to get around Egypt: by shuttle bus; shared taxi; private van (classic cars); train; ferry boat; rental car; motorcycle rental (Scooters & Motorbikes). If using public transport – only use reputable companies such as Super Taxi or Metro Minibus Company.

Pyramid of Khafre in Giza, Egypt

Tip 2: Shopping on you Solo Travel in Egypt

Shopping in Egypt is one of the main highlights for many solo travelers, and rightly so. The country has some of the world’s most beautiful souvenirs and crafts, with everything from traditional hand-made jewelry to exotic scents. The best places to shop are Khan El Khalili bazaar in Cairo, and Khan al-Khalili itself; Luxor’s Souq al-Haggag; Aswan’s market on Nubian Street; Dahab’s Gold Market; Hurghada’s markets and beachfront shops; Alexandria’s old quarter (especially Bab Al Farag street); Siwa Oasis (also known as ‘The White Desert’); Sharm el Sheikh’s Naama Bay area or City Centre Mall or Downtown Mall (depending on how much time you have).

Bargaining is key when it comes to shopping in Egypt – but don’t worry if your haggling skills aren’t great! Just start off with a low offer and work up from there – always close by saying something like “I want this item very much” or “this was my favorite store” before asking what they would like as a price so that they feel like they’re making money off their sale rather than losing out on business because someone else wanted it more than them. It’s totally fine if you don’t end up getting any bargains at all!

It’s important that once you’ve bought something, keep hold of all receipts until you’re back home – otherwise customs might suspect that there has been an overpayment somewhere along the way which would mean paying extra taxes upon leaving Egypt.

Tip 3: Making Friends in Egypt

  • Go to the Right Places. When you’re traveling, you’re going to be meeting people. That’s one of the best parts of solo travel! While there are many ways to meet people while abroad, nothing beats going out into the local community and getting involved with their culture. If you want to make friends with Egyptians, consider attending one of their events or festivals. They’ll appreciate your interest in their culture and will likely invite you back again later on down the line when they know more about who you are as an individual—and what better way than by being friendly? Friendship is something that can take years before it develops (or doesn’t), so don’t worry if things move slowly at first—just keep being friendly!
  • Make an Effort To Talk To People At Events Or Festivals. Don’t just stand around awkwardly; go up and start conversations! Ask questions about what’s happening around them: “What is this?” “Why do people dance like this?” “Do we get any cash prizes if we win?” Etcetera etcetera etcetera… You’ll get some interesting answers! And even if none of those questions lead anywhere interesting enough for conversation starters (which I doubt), always remember: Never say no when someone asks why not?! This only means more chances for meeting more new friends later on down the line…and remember how expensive travel can be?

Tip 4: Local Customs and Language in Cairo

Do not be afraid to ask questions. The locals are very friendly, but with the language barrier, it is always best to ask questions before getting into any potentially awkward situations. For example, if you accidentally walk into someone’s home when they aren’t expecting guests or knock over something that belongs to them, it can be embarrassing for both of you if there wasn’t a clear understanding beforehand. If you need help ordering food or buying something at the market, asking in Arabic will make your life much easier than trying to communicate in English and potentially causing confusion amongst others around you who don’t speak English.

Beautiful view of Cairo and the Nile at dusk. Egypt

When interacting with Egyptians, particularly older men and women who have limited interaction with foreigners due to cultural norms and traditions that discourage contact outside of family circles (elders especially), expect some curious glances from those around you who may be asking themselves “who is this girl?” I experienced this on numerous occasions during my journey through Egypt: strangers would ask me where I was from or what my name was; other times they’d go as far as asking me about my appearance (hair color/style/length) and why I was traveling alone – all perfectly acceptable topics! Don’t worry if someone gets too personal though; just politely say “no thank you” when appropriate and move along 🙂

Regardless whether people are being friendly or nosy-eyed towards travelers like yourself — take advantage! These interactions are an opportunity for cultural exchange between two groups who would otherwise never meet each other back home!

Tip 5: Solo Safety in Egypt

Egypt is a safe place to travel solo. You should, however, be aware of your surroundings and the local customs.

Don’t wear expensive jewelry or watches while traveling in Egypt. They are easy targets for pickpockets and thieves.

Don’t drink and party in public places like bars or clubs as people might think you are a tourist who wants to have fun at any cost.

Avoid talking about politics and religion as it can lead to local arguments, which may cause issues later on during your trip.

Visit the pyramid on your Solo Trip to Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and an incredible place to visit. It’s estimated that more than 2 million blocks of stone were used to build this massive pyramid, each weighing an average of 2.5 tons! The most visited pyramid in Egypt is also a popular tourist attraction. It’s possible to take a tour of the inside of the pyramid, but it’s not included in the price of admission. If you want access to this part of the pyramid, you need to pay extra. There are many different options available for exploring the interior of this ancient structure!

Dress Appropriately as a Solo Female Traveler

If you’re traveling as a solo female, it can be intimidating to dress in a way that makes you feel confident but also protects you from any unwanted advances. In general, I try to stick with loose-fitting clothing and avoid anything that shows off my body too much. I also avoid wearing anything that has a lot of holes or is too tight. I want to be able to move around easily, especially if I’m traveling alone. The best way to do this is by wearing layers that can be removed if it gets too hot. I also try to wear clothes that don’t draw attention away from my face, such as jeans or pants with a long shirt over them. It is a Muslim country, and they will not appreciate if you wore loose dresses.


I hope these tips help you have an amazing time in Egypt. Remember to be safe, enjoy your time and make the most of it! Have you ever been to Egypt? What was your experience like? Did you have any problems or issues while traveling in Egypt? Let me know in the comments below!