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Madrid is one of the world’s best cities for solo travelers. It’s easy to be independent while you’re here, and there are plenty of things to do and see. If you’re thinking about solo travel in Madrid, on your own or have already made plans. But want to know more about what makes Madrid such a great city for solo travelers, read on! This travel guide will help you know the best places to see as you travel solo to Europe. From Barcelona to mercada de san miguel, there is so much to see as a solo traveler in Madrid.

Things to do alone around Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain. Madrid is safe, fun and easy to travel alone. It’s interesting, educational and rewarding too. It’s also a good way to meet people from all over the world. These ones are visiting the city for the same reason as you. To enjoy their vacation in an exciting new place.

Now that you’re convinced about solo travel in Madrid, it’s time to plan your trip! Read on for tips on where to stay. What to eat and what sights not miss during your visit!

Tips to Get around Madrid

Madrid is a gorgeous city, and you’ll want to take photos to remember the experience. Make sure you have a good camera with you!

Madrid can be rainy during November, December, and January. Be prepared for that possibility with an umbrella or rain jacket.

If you’re going to be walking around Madrid, bring good walking shoes. So that your feet won’t hurt after a day of sightseeing.

Madrid Solo Travel is Safe

Cycle touring in Patagonia

Madrid is one of the safest cities in Europe. While it’s not entirely risk-free, Madrid has a low crime rate and a low murder rate (the lowest in Spain). It also has very few instances of theft or rape. If anything, you might be more likely to get pickpocketed than murdered!

So yes, Madrid is safe. I thas beautiful architecture, delicious food and wine culture, great weather and art museums galore. It’s worth traveling here no matter how well you know Spanish.

Solo Trip to Madrid Must-know

  • Airport shuttle: to the city by public transportation connects Madrid’s airport to the city, but if you want a more direct route and a guaranteed spot, take the A-1 bus. The airport shuttle drops passengers at the Plaza del Callao, a short walk from Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol.
  • Public transportation: If you don’t mind taking your time getting to your destination, there are plenty of other options for getting around Madrid without paying for an airport transfer. There are two metro stations at Barajas International Airport—Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 4 (T4). Both connect with Line 8, which travels through central Madrid along Calle de Embajadores until it reaches Plaza de España in Parque del Retiro on Line 2. Tickets cost €5 each way and can be purchased at machines before entering any station in Spain; make sure to validate them upon boarding each train or bus as well as when exiting so that you don’t pay twice!
  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside both terminals at Barajas International Airport; depending on where they’re headed, fares should cost between €35–50 one way!
  • Rental car: Driving yourself around Spain is easy thanks to its expansive network of highways and toll roads (autopistas/autovias) that allow travelers access anywhere within their countries without worrying about traffic jams or pesky detours caused by construction zones like those found here in North America…or so we’re told anyway…but still! When renting a car consider how much driving time will be required before deciding whether this option makes sense for them versus taking public transportation instead.”

Tips for Madrid Solo Trip

Madrid is a great city to explore on your own. It’s safe, it has lots of things to do and see, and it has plenty of good restaurants and cafes. You can find affordable hotels too!

How do I pack for my trip to Madrid?

When you’re packing for a trip to Madrid, it’s important to remember that the weather is much different than in North America. It’s easy to underestimate how cold it can get even in the summer months, so pack accordingly.

  • Pack layers! A thin long-sleeved shirt under a sweater or hoodie will keep you warm when it gets chilly at night and on windy days. Tights are great for keeping your legs warm without overheating (and no one wants sweaty thighs).
  • If you plan on visiting museums or historic sites during the day, make sure you wear comfortable shoes—and bring them with you everywhere else too! You don’t want blisters from walking around all day and there’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing halfway through your day that your feet desperately need new shoes.

Things to do in Madrid and where to eat

Gressinis with spanish serrano ham

We know Spain for its tapas, pintxos, jamón and churros. Tapas are small dishes that can be shared with others or eaten by yourself. Pintxos are similar to tapas but they come on toothpicks instead of slices of bread. Jamón is cured Spanish ham that is often sliced paper thin and served as an appetizer with bread or toasted bread. Churros are doughy snacks made from deep fried pastry dough in a special machine called a churrera (churro maker).

Paella is another popular dish made with rice and seafood such as shrimp or squid along with various vegetables like peas or green beans which give it its distinct flavor depending on what region it comes from (Galician paella uses seafood rather than red meat). Tortilla española is an omelette made from potatoes while cocido madrileño consists of chickpeas stewed with vegetables and sausage among other ingredients while cocido gallego has more pork and mutton than other versions

Does the Metro Hotel have parking ? Solo Travel to Madrid top question

There are a few things to know about parking at the Hotel Metro Madrid. The first is that there is an on-site parking garage across the street from the hotel, which charges €24 per day. This option is convenient if you want to leave your car during your stay and walk or take public transportation around town. You can also drive into Plaza de España and park in one of the many underground garages that surround it; these cost €15 per day and are safe and secure with 24/7 security guards patrolling them. If you’d rather not deal with driving or parking, however, there’s a shuttle service available to get passengers from their homes or hotels to the airport (or vice versa).

Additionally, if you’re looking for something more than just a rental car but less than a chauffeur service. Such as self-drive rentals. The Hotel Metro Madrid offers such options through Hertz Car Rental (see below). Finally, if all else fails: valet parking! The valets at this hotel are some of the friendliest we’ve ever encountered. Upon arrival we were greeted by Francisco (who has been working there since 1989). He gave us tips on how best to explore Madrid while showing us around his city before handing over our keys and sending us off on our way. He gave us directions written out in both Spanish and English so that even those of us who don’t speak Spanish could understand them easily enough without having to rely solely upon Google Translate like most travelers do nowadays.

Where Should I stay on my Solo Travel in Madrid (Where to stay in Madrid)

When traveling alone, it’s important to stay in a neighbourhood that has a lot of bars and restaurants. If you’re going to be spending time at night, you’ll want to be somewhere where there are plenty of options for food.

For the same reason, hotels or hostels are ideal because they offer access to a wide range of restaurants without having to leave your room. You can also just order room service if you don’t want to go out!

Are there any solo traveler events happening while I’m visiting Madrid?

Yes! There are tons of events going on in Madrid. Many of them are free and perfect for solo travelers looking to meet people, learn about the area and get inspired for their travels. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a class at Escuela de Arte ( or another art institute in Madrid. You can choose from many different courses that run throughout the week and weekend, such as photography and cooking classes!
  • Go to a Meetup event hosted by Madrilenos in your City. This is an organization specifically designed for expats living in Madrid who want to connect with others like themselves in a fun social setting!

Activities in Madrid/Tours in Madrid.

Madrid is a great city for solo travelers. You can find plenty of things to do, including museums and art galleries, bars and cafes, and it’s easy to get around the city by public transport.

Madrid is an exciting place to visit as well as being one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. For example, its Royal Palace attracts thousands of visitors each year. They come to see its collection of paintings by Goya or Velázquez. At night there are many places where you can enjoy Spanish cuisine. The area around Plaza Mayor is full of restaurants serving delicious tapas dishes!


Solo travel in Madrid is a fun way to immerse yourself in a new city. If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient place to stay, then look no further than the Metro Hotel. The Metro has comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, breakfast included and more!