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You’re going to love solo travel in Scotland. It’s a country filled with history and culture that you’ve never imagined before. The landscape is so diverse—from rolling hills to rugged cliffs—that it’s no wonder why it became the setting of Outlander, one of my favorite shows. From castles to distilleries, this list has everything you need for a solo trip to Scotland!

Scotland Solo Travel and Tours Itinerary

If you have to travel solo to Scotland for the first time, there are tons of things to do and see. You can take a tour around some of the most iconic landmarks in Edinburgh, visit a castle or two or go on some hikes through the stunning Scottish countryside in Glasgow. There are plenty of options for solo travelers, including single-room hostels which make it easy for you to meet new people. If you are planning to visit Scotland, here are some of the top highlights that should be on your itinerary:

  • Haunted Tours of Edinburgh’s Old Town
  • Stirling Castle
  • Trossachs National Park
  • Glen Coe and Ben Nevis Hike (but only if you’re an experienced hiker)
  • The Highlands

St Andrews during you Solo travel in Scotland

Scottish cows in park in autumn day solo travel in Scotland

St Andrews is a town in the eastern coast of Scotland. It is the home of St Andrews University. It was host to the first Open Championship in 1860. The town also has a beautiful beach that stretches from east to west for over two miles, with clear waters and golden sands.

The ruins of St Andrews Cathedral dominate the skyline when you arrive at St Andrews by train or bus. When you visit this historic site, you can wander through an eerie maze of crumbling walls that were once part of one of Scotland’s most important religious buildings. There are also many other sites nearby, such as Rosslyn Chapel (which inspired Dan Brown’s book), Crail Parish Church (a medieval parish church with some interesting features) and Anstruther Easter Heritage Centre (an old mill).

There are many beautiful beaches in and around St Andrews including Torryburn beach which has black pebbles and sand dunes; Hunters Quarry Beach which is popular for surfing; Elie Heritage Trail which follows an old railway line along coast past Leuchars Castle before reaching Elie itself where there are cafes etc.,

Fisherton Bridge Beach where there is another castle ruin nearby called Fisherton Castle which dates from 12th century onwards but burnt down during 18th century wars between England & Scotland with only foundations left today; Creans Hill Beach which offers lovely views across Fife coastline towards Edinburgh city centre and fishing village Cardenden below it too!

Enjoy the best Scottish Whiskey on your Solo Travel in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful country with lots of things to see and do. It’s home to some of the most famous whiskey distilleries in the world, including Glenfiddich and The Macallan. If you’re traveling alone, there are plenty of tours that can help you enjoy all the best Scottish whiskey has to offer. You’ll get to sample some of the best single malts around, as well as learn about their production process and history.

If you’re a fan of whiskey, this is an experience you won’t want to miss. You can also visit distilleries on your own and learn the basics of how they work. If you’re looking for some more things to do in Scotland while traveling alone, check out these awesome tours: There are also a number of distilleries that you can visit on your own. If you’re looking for whiskey, there are some great options in Scotland. Here are some of the best distilleries to check out:

  • Glengoyne Distillery
  • Glenmorangie
  • Macallan

Glenturret Distillery

Bottle with cognac in solo travel in Scotland

Glenturret Distillery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Scotland. It’s a great place to visit if you’re a whisky lover, but even if you aren’t, the scenery is beautiful and the staff are very friendly. The distillery itself is located in Glenturret village, which is also worth exploring. There are lots of shops selling local goods and food and plenty of places to eat lunch or dinner as well as coffee shops where you can get a warm drink on cool days. The village itself has quite an imposing feel with its old stone buildings and narrow streets making it feel like something out of an old movie about Scottish life before modern times!

Scotland Solo Itinerary around Scotland

This is a great way to see some of the best sites in Scotland. You can take an overnight trip on the Caledonian Sleeper, which offers luxury slumber trains that travel between London and Fort William. At Fort William, you can catch a ferry to Mallaig, which will take you across Loch nan Uamh (The Sea Cave) and into the Isle of Skye.

If you want to visit more of Scotland, you can take a Caledonian MacBrayne ferry from Mallaig to Armadale on the Isle of Skye and then catch another ferry from Armadale back to Fort William. If you have time, there are plenty of other things to see in Scotland, such as Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Ness Monster Museum, Urquhart Castle and Glencoe, to name a few. You can also take a trip to see the Isle of Skye, which is home to some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery.

Isle of Skye Highland

The Isle of Skye is a stunning island in the Scottish Highlands. It’s definitely worth a visit on your solo travel in Scotland. We know it for its beautiful natural scenery, rich history, and popularity as a tourist destination. With so much to do and see on this island, you’ll want to plan your trip carefully so that you don’t miss out on any of the best attractions. The following are some highlights from our trip:

  • The view from Neist Point Lighthouse: This famous lighthouse was built in 1853 and offers incredible views of the surrounding area!
  • An afternoon at Old Man of Storr: they name this group of rock formations after a legend about an old man who lived in these hills long ago.
  • A walk through Dunvegan Castle: You’ll learn all kinds of interesting things about this castle while exploring its many rooms!

A solo traveller in Edinburgh

While you’re in Edinburgh, there are a few must-see attractions:

  • The castle, which is a sweeping view of the city and has an impressive history.
  • Arthur’s Seat, which is just an hour outside of town and has incredible views of the city. It’s also much less crowded than its big sister, Edinburgh Castle.
  • The Scott Monument and the National Gallery of Scotland, both on George Street near Princes Street Gardens—an outdoor space with fountains that are lit up at night (and they’re stunning). The Scott Monument is tall enough to see from anywhere in town; Robert Louis Stevenson’s nephew designed it. The National Gallery of Scotland has some wonderful paintings by Scottish artists like William McTaggart and James Paterson and some Impressionist works by Monet, Degas and Van Gogh on loan from London’s Tate Modern Gallery. Plus, there are really cool installations made of paper cutouts throughout the museum! You can also check out the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (formerly The Royal Scottish Academy), which hosts an excellent collection featuring works from Andy Warhol among others…

Various travel tips for your Scotland tours

  • Make sure you have a working phone. If you’re travelling alone, it’s a good idea to tell someone where you’re going and when they should expect your return. Also, having a GPS system on your phone can help in more remote areas of Scotland.
  • Get some travel insurance! There are many companies that provide travel insurance for solo travellers in Scotland (such as World Nomads), so check out the options before booking your trip. You don’t want to be stuck with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills if anything goes wrong!
  • Use common sense when exploring new places and meeting new people—don’t talk about where all your money is or what time your flight leaves until after dinner! If someone tries too hard at befriending you, move on to another group; there are plenty of other travelers around who won’t try anything dodgy!


If you’re thinking of going on a solo travel in Scotland, then you should definitely see the Isle of Skye. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and it has tons to offer both tourists and locals looking for adventure. You can spend days exploring this remote island without ever running out of things to do.