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Switzerland is a beautiful, mountainous country that’s perfect for a solo traveler. It’s clean, safe, and has an incredible culture to explore. If you’re planning on traveling alone in Switzerland, here are some things you need to know before going.

Best time to Travel in Switzerland

There’s really no wrong time to trip to Switzerland, but we usually consider the best times to be April through October. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, days are longer and nights are shorter, and there aren’t as many crowds of tourists.

Solo Trip in Switzerland Travel Tips

A cow in the Swiss alps

1. Get a Swiss Pass

The Swiss Pass is a card that you can purchase ahead of time and load money onto it so that you can use it to travel around Switzerland. The pass gives you free access onto the trains, buses and boats, as well as discounts on attractions. There are three types of Swiss Passes: Half Fare Card, Flexi Pass and Free Travel Pass.The Half Fare Card is for people who are traveling alone and want to buy a ticket. It’s valid for one year and costs about $100 USD. The Flexi Pass is for travelers who don’t want to travel on a schedule; instead, they can use it whenever they want within the time of their pass (usually three months).

Solo Female Travel Switzerland Itinerary

You’ll want to plan your solo travel Switzerland itinerary before you go. The country is beautiful, but it’s also huge! You can get overwhelmed if you’re not careful. Here are some things that I recommend for your itinerary:

  • Zurich is a great place to start your solo travel Switzerland itinerary. It’s got plenty of things to see and do, and you can easily spend a few days here.
  • The Swiss Alps are stunning! You’ll want to hike in the mountains. Try going on at least one day trip from Zurich or Geneva, if possible.
  • Switzerland has incredible cities! Geneva is a beautiful place with lots of things to do. And Interlaken is also amazing if you’re into outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

Switzerland Solo Travel Tours (Lucerne and Bern)

  • The trains are clean and on time
  • There are many places to visit, both in the cities and in nature.
  • Switzerland has a high cost of living.
  • The weather can be unpredictable, so pack layers.

Make sure to have a good map and plenty of batteries for your phone.

Best cities for solo travel in Switzerland (Best Places to Visit in Switzerland Solo)

  • Bern: they know this city for its art and architecture, with some of the most beautiful buildings in all of Switzerland. It’s a great place for those who love history, as there are many museums and monuments to explore. Visit Switzerland today, as solo female travellers, its fun to go on Switzerland tours.
  • Geneva: Known as the “Peace Capital” because it has been home to so many international organizations, this city offers lots of opportunities for cultural exchange. Its location on Lake Geneva is also a major draw, especially when you want to watch swans swim by while enjoying an ice cream cone!
  • Lausanne: Don’t let its small size fool you; this city has more than enough activities and things to do so that solo travelers can experience everything they’re looking for in one place! From hiking trails along Lake Geneva’s shoreline (my personal favorite) where we could see France across the border all the way up until mountainside villages where people still live off farms even though they’re technically within walking distance from downtown Lausanne itself–it really doesn’t get much better than being able to see all these things with just one trip here!

Best things to do as a solo traveller

The best part about traveling solo is that you get to do whatever you want. There’s no one to answer to and no one to worry about. If you’re the type of person who likes exploring cities, this is a great time for it!

If you prefer hiking or walking around in nature, Switzerland has plenty of options for that as well. Some of the most beautiful views are located in the mountains, so make sure to check those out as well!

If museums are more your thing, Switzerland has quite a few art galleries worth checking out – especially if you’re attending during an open house event where admission is free (or discounted). This is one of the best countries in Europe to visit, from mountain peaks to lovely valleys. There is no part of Switzerland that you won’t love to see.

A train ride from Zurich or Geneva into France or Italy can be very relaxing and scenic – just make sure not to forget any needed entry documents before heading off on your adventure!

Best places to eat, drink, and party

  • Swiss Cheese Fondue

The locals are very proud of their native cheese and have a fondness for eating it with bread cubes, pickled onions, and apples in a hot pot of melted cheese. You can find this dish at many restaurants throughout Switzerland—just look for the big pots of bubbling liquid (the one pictured above was delicious).

  • Rösti

This potato pancake is popular all over Europe but originated in Switzerland as an easy way to use up leftover potatoes from dinner the night before. It’s served with butter and bacon on top—or just plain if you’re feeling virtuous!

  • Chocolate

Obviously, chocolate is one of Switzerland’s most famous exports (along with watches). The Swiss take their chocolate seriously—this is not Hershey’s Kisses country! Instead, try out some fancy chocolates like Lindt truffles or Toblerone bars made from rich dark chocolate and crunchy almonds. Be sure to pair your treats with a strong cup of coffee or hot cocoa made from fresh milk instead of powder mixers so you can really taste them both at their full potential flavorings!

Must try restaurants in Switzerland

  • The Alpine (The Hotel Schweizerhof Bern, Switzerland)

Le Bistrot de Cesar (Geneva, Switzerland)

  • Le Petit Gourmand (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • La Cabane des Vignerons (Givrins, France)

How to get around in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that train can easily visit. We can purchase a Swiss Travel Pass or a Swiss Half Fare Card for unlimited travel on trains and buses throughout the entire country.

The Swiss Travel Pass is valid for 10 days within a month, or for an entire month if you want to spend more time in Switzerland. It provides free travel on all public transport in Switzerland: trains and buses in cities, towns and villages; boats along Lake Geneva and Lake Constance; cable cars up mountainsides like Jungfraujoch (12,454 ft/3,800m) which is one of the highest railways in Europe – plus once-daily access to Golden Round trips in Interlaken Wengen Grindelwald Lauterbrunnen Murren Schilthorn Bernese Oberland Valais Leukerbad Brig Rhine Falls Toggenburg Semmering Innsbruck Kitzbuhel Südtirol Alto Adige Trentino Dolomiti Vinschgau Graubünden

Solo Trip to Geneva and Zurich Itinerary

Lake Geneva - Switzerland

I’m planning a solo trip to Geneva and Zurich this summer and I’m looking for some advice on what to see and do. I’ll be spending 4 days in each city.

In Geneva, I definitely want to see the Jet d’Eau, the largest fountain in Europe. I also want to visit the United Nations Headquarters and take a boat ride on Lake Geneva. In Zurich, I plan to visit the Old Town, go up the Uetliberg mountain for a panoramic view of the city, and take a dip in the Limmat River.

Does anyone have any recommendations on other activities or sights to see in either city? Thanks in advance!

Switzerland is a great place to travel alone.

Switzerland is a great place to travel alone. First of all, it is easy to meet people there. You can easily start conversations with strangers in the street or at your hostel and then hang out together later. The people are friendly and helpful, so if you are lost at any point, just ask someone for directions. Secondly, getting around Switzerland is very simple: everything from trains to buses run on time and have clear instructions posted on them. Thirdly, there’s no shortage of things to do in Switzerland! Whether you want to hike through mountains or go swimming in lakes or visit museums – there’s something for everyone! Finally, the food is amazing (try the fondue!) and the scenery is stunning (those mountains!).


Switzerland is a great place to travel alone. The people are friendly, the food is delicious and you can find just about anything you want to do here. From hiking in the mountains to taking a cruise on Lake Geneva or exploring medieval castles, Switzerland has something for everyone!