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San Diego is a place to explore, and it has plenty to offer solo travelers. There are many things to do from hiking in the mountains to exploring the city’s museums. You can also spend your time trying new foods at local restaurants or visiting historic sites such as Balboa Park.

8 Top Things to Do Alone in San Diego:

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Cruise Through Mission Bay
  • Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
  • Balboa Park (and Encinitas)
  • Explore La Jolla Beach Town
  • Scavenger Hunt in Gaslamp Quarter (or North Park)
  • Get All the Tacos (and breakfast burritos)

Solo Travel San Diego Zoo and Museum

The world famous San Diego Zoo sign with diverse plants

The San Diego Zoo is a great place to see animals. There are different sections of the zoo, including an aquarium and a rainforest. Some exhibits include pandas, gorillas, elephants and tigers. You can get a pass that will let you in for free for a year if you go during certain times of the day when it’s not as busy.

Cruise Through Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a great place to visit if you want a bit of everything. You can take a powerboat ride, go horseback riding, or just walk along the water and enjoy the view. The area has plenty of hotels and restaurants if you want to stay overnight in San Diego.

The best way to get there is by car or taxi from downtown San Diego; however, there are buses that run from other areas of town as well (but not all day long).

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

This natural park is the perfect place to have an afternoon adventure. It’s located at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, which is about 2 miles south of La Jolla Cove and just northeast of UCSD. The beach is a popular spot for surfing in San Diego but it also offers hiking trails, views, and other activities like birding or tide pooling.

  • How to get there: From I-5 take La Jolla Village Drive exit (you will see signs on the freeway). Go west through downtown San Diego until you reach Torrey Pines Road; turn left at this intersection (heading north). Continue driving up Torrey Pines Road until you see a large parking lot on your left side—this is where you should park!
  • What to bring: I would recommend bringing a hat because there can be sun exposure depending on what time of year you visit this area (especially during summer days). Also bring sunscreen if it’s going to be hot out so that no one gets burned!
  • How long should I stay? That depends on what activities interest each person but figure at least 4 hours or more if possible! You may even want overnight camping options too depending on how adventurous one wants/needs t become while traveling solo!

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is the largest urban cultural park in the U.S., and it has everything you’d expect from a cultural spot: museums, gardens and even a zoo! There are also many things to do inside the park itself. You can rent a bike or scooter to ride around on if you want to get some exercise while exploring this huge park.

Explore La Jolla Beach Town

La Jolla is a great place to walk around, shop and eat. Located right on the Pacific Ocean, La Jolla offers some beautiful views of the ocean. There are plenty of shops along Coast Boulevard and Prospect Street where you can find anything from clothing to souvenirs to art pieces. When it comes time for lunch or dinner, there are several restaurants that offer both indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the beach.

Scavenger Hunt in Gaslamp Quarter

Scavenger hunts are a blast! And this one, in particular, will take you through the Gaslamp Quarter. You’ll learn about the history of some of San Diego’s most important buildings and find out what it was like to live in that time period. A scavenger hunt is a great way for travelers to explore new cities because they provide an excuse to meet locals, who often become your best friends when traveling alone. This guide will help you become familiar with Gaslamp Quarter (or any other part of the city) without feeling overwhelmed by crowds or feeling unsafe.

Travel Around San Diego Museum of Art

Young intercultural man and woman discussing one of paintings

San Diego Museum of Art is one of the country’s top art museums. In Balboa Park, the museum features a diverse collection of art from around the world. With a focus on education, the museum offers a variety of programs and events for all ages. Visitors can explore the museum’s many galleries, take a docent-led tour, or participate in a hands-on art activity. The museum also has an extensive library and a research center. Whether you’re a fan of art or just looking to learn more, the San Diego Museum of Art is worth a visit.

Catch a Ballgame at Petco Park

If you’re looking for a baseball game, San Diego has everything from minor league to the big leagues. The Padres play at Petco Park in downtown San Diego. It’s home field for Major League Baseball’s (MLB) San Diego Padres and one of the best stadiums in all of the professional sports.

Petco Park is easily accessible by car or public transit, so it’s easy to make it out to a game without renting a car. If you don’t want to drive into downtown during rush hour traffic, take advantage of the Metrolink train that stops just outside Petco Park itself at Embarcadero Station on 4th Avenue between J Street and K Street in Downtown San Diego!

Whether you’re new to baseball or an old pro at catching them all, there’s no better place than Petco Park if you’re looking for some fun (and free!) entertainment while visiting San Diego!

This should cover most of your time in San Diego.

There are a lot of things to do on your trip to San Diego. You should bring a camera, and maybe a book or some snacks. As far as lodging goes, there are many options available with all sorts of price points and amenities.

If you’re planning to stay for more than two days, it’s worth considering renting an Airbnb room or house from someone who lives locally (and thus knows the area better). This can also help you get recommendations from locals as well as save money on accommodation costs!

Go Kayaking as a Solo Traveler

Kayaking is a great way to travel solo. It’s a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and see new places. When kayaking, you can go at your own pace and stop when you want to take in the scenery. You can also paddle for as long or as short as you want. Kayaking is a great way to travel solo because it’s easy to do and you can go at your own pace.


The city of San Diego has a lot to offer. It’s a great place for solo travelers, and there are plenty of activities you can do while there. If you’re looking for some ideas on where to go and what type of things to do while in San Diego or just want some inspiration before booking your flight tickets then check out this list of 8 Top Things To Do in San Diego.