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If you’re looking for an unspoiled landscape that feels like it’s straight out of a fantasy novel, then Oregon is the perfect place for you. Even though it’s part of the Pacific Northwest region, its population is quite low and there are plenty of idyllic spots to explore while enjoying nature.

Solo Travel around Portland on a Solo Trip

I love Portland. The city is beautiful and easy to navigate, and it’s full of interesting things to do. I’ve traveled there solo numerous times, and it’s always been a great experience. If you want to go on a solo adventure trip but don’t know where to start, try exploring this beautiful city by foot or bike! There are plenty of bike paths and walking trails through parks and along the river. There are also plenty of museums, shops, restaurants and other attractions to keep you busy.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls, Oregon, USA

Multnomah Falls is a waterfall on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. It’s easily one of the most well-known attractions in Oregon and a must-see for any traveler to Portland or Bend. The falls are accessible via a short 0.7 mile trail that winds through old growth forest, past one of the Benson Footbridges, and eventually leads you to an overlook with breathtaking views of Multnomah Falls itself (and some other waterfalls too).

The best time to visit Multnomah Falls depends on what kind of weather you want to experience at this popular attraction:

  • If you like rain and don’t mind hypothermia: June through August!
  • If you prefer sunnier days with flowers blooming but are okay with some rain: March through May or September through November!
  • If your ideal climate is somewhere between those two extremes: April!

Crater Lake National Park

This is lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and the sixth deepest lake in the world. It’s also Oregon’s only national park, so it’s a must-see for any visiting solo traveler.

Located 5,000 feet above sea level on the Cascade Ranges of southern Oregon, This lake is almost 2 miles deep and covers an area of 2,148 acres—about as big as 760 football fields! The lake formed after Mount Mazama erupted over 7,700 years ago; today visitors can see an active volcano at its center.

Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens State Park is located in the northwest part of Oregon, just south of Astoria. It’s a great place to visit if you want to learn about the Civil War era and the battles that were fought there.

Located on what was once Fort Stevens proper, you can explore several different sites at this park. Make sure that before going in winter months (November-March) bring a jacket as it can get quite cold here! There is also an open air museum here where visitors can see old military vehicles from World War II and other eras as well as aircrafts from both world wars displayed outside. You’ll be able to see everything from tanks to anti-aircraft guns during your visit!

In addition to seeing how things were done back then at Fort Stevens State Park, visitors are allowed access into one of three museums inside this park: The Battery Clifton Museum which features exhibits on coastal artillery batteries used during WWII; Battery Russell section where visitors will find information regarding coastal defence gun batteries during WWI & II; and lastly there’s The Military Museum which has many interesting artifactsartefacts on display including uniforms worn by officers who served here during those times of war years ago.”

Oregon Road Trip when Traveling Solo

Oregon is a beautiful place to visit, and it’s the perfect destination for first-time solo travelers. You can take a road trip from Portland, OR, to California or Washington and back again without even leaving the state. Along the way, stop at one of the many wineries that dot the landscape or hike through forests filled with ferns and mosses.

Visit Mt Hood National Forest as a Solo Traveler

Mt Hood National Forest is located on the slope of Mount Hood in Clackamas County. The forest is a popular destination for hikers, mountain bikers, and campers. There are over 100 miles of trails in the forest that lead to many different scenic viewpoints and lakes.

The forest has several campgrounds available for overnight stays including Bear Creek, Barlow Pass and Green Canyon Campground.

Cannon Beach

Aerial View Over Cannon Beach Pacific Ocean Coast Oregon

Cannon Beach is a popular beach town on the Oregon coast. It’s often considered one of the most beautiful places in all of America, with its stunning coastline and rugged mountains. Cannon Beach is a good place to visit in the summer because it stays warm (but not hot) and has plenty to do: hiking, biking, boating or just relaxin’relaxing at the beach. There are many restaurants and shops for when you need some shopping therapy!

Cannon Beach is also a great place for nature lovers as there are numerous places to hike through thick forests full of ferns, evergreen trees and sometimes even big horn sheep!

Oregon Zoo Tour

The Oregon Zoo is located in Portland, and it’s open year-round. The zoo has over 1,000 animals representing 300 species. There are also a train and carousel for kids to ride on, as well as a petting zoo where you can feed some of the animals like goats, sheep, llamas and deer.

The Oregon Zoo has multiple exhibits including:

  • A butterfly conservatory where you can see hundreds of butterflies fluttering around in glass enclosures filled with plants for them to land on.
  • An African Journey exhibit that houses hippos, elephants and other animals from this continent including monkeys who live above visitors’ heads!
  • Skyfari aerial tram which takes visitors on a tour past elk grazing fields high above the ground level – or takes off your shoes & walkthrough soaking wet grass up to your knees while surrounded by butterflies!

Hatfield Marine Science Center

The Hatfield Marine Science Center is a unique marine research facility that provides a range of educational opportunities, from field classes to research internships and volunteer work. The centre was founded in the 1950s by Edward S. “Tubby” Crossman and his wife Mary, who were both professors at Oregon State University. It is located on the coast in Newport, Oregon and has been operated since its inception by Oregon State University’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS). It is certainly a place to check out when visiting portland.

The Hatfield Marine Science Center offers many different types of programs to help you get involved with studying the ocean around us:

  • Research internships: These are 12-week paid positions where you will be working closely with scientists on projects relating to coastal hazards such as tsunamis or landslides; whether you’re an undergraduate student or a recent graduate this is a great way for you to gain valuable experience!
  • Field courses: You’ll learn all about how scientists study ecosystems by spending time outdoors collecting data for projects like oyster habitat restoration efforts—this can count toward elective credits if needed!

Tillamook Creamery Visit on your Solo Trip to Portland

If you find yourself in the Tillamook area as a solo traveler in portland, you should make a beeline for the Tillamook Creamery. This place is pretty famous and is known for its ice cream. They have lots of different flavors available, but my favorite thing about the creamery is their buttercream soda that has both vanilla ice cream and root beer. You can also get floats or cones with different flavors like grape or strawberry swirl. The lines are always long at lunchtime so it’s best to go early or late if possible!

The next time I visit Oregon, I will definitely stop by this place again!

International Rose Test Garden

The International Rose Test Garden is a public garden located in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1949 and currently has more than 7,000 rose bushes from which more than 20,000 roses are grown each year. The garden is open year-round and admission is free!

Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Arboretum

This arboretum is a public botanical garden in the West Hills section of Portland, Oregon, United States. It contains over 7,000 different kinds of trees and shrubs, including many rare or exotic specimens. The arboretum was founded in 1931 by Richard Groeber and his wife Edith as a private arboretum on their property overlooking the city of Portland. In 1943 the City of Portland purchased it for use as an official public park and added additional land to its holdings so that it now occupies about 100 acres (40 ha).

The Washington Park Arboretum features more than 750 species from around the globe with collections representing all major plant families; an exceptional collection of conifers; plantings from 18th century England; groves of giant sequoias; woodland plants from Asia and South America; and a thriving native plant garden featuring more than 200 species from throughout Oregon.

There are plenty of beautiful places to go and exciting things to do in Oregon.

Oregon is a beautiful state with lots of things to do and see. There are plenty of things to eat, places to stay, and places to visit. You can even find some exciting activities that will excite you!

If you want to explore Oregon by yourself, it’s a good idea to start by looking at the following list:


Oregon is a beautiful state with many landscapes to explore. It offers a wide range of activities and things to do, so you can find something that will fit your interests and needs. Whether it’s skiing at Mount Hood or hiking through Crater Lake National Park, there is an adventure for every traveler here in Oregon!