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Are you a solo traveler looking for an exciting new adventure? If so, the island of Puerto Rico is the place for you! It’s got amazing beaches, historic sites, delicious food and drink—and it’s also one of the most affordable places to travel in all of the Caribbean. Solo travel to San Juan is worth it, and here is all you need to know before embarking on your journey.

Pack light for your Solo travel to San Juan.

People packing for a solo travel to san juan

It’s a good idea to pack light for your trip to San Juan. You will want to be as mobile as possible, so leave the bulky luggage at home. You also want to carry your bags yourself, so bring nothing too heavy either.

Packing light is important because it allows you more freedom in terms of where and how far you can walk around town without getting worn out or frustrated by having too much stuff on hand. It also gives you more flexibility when it comes time for transportation—whether by taxi or public bus—because there won’t be any issue with fitting everything into one vehicle (or being stuck with just one bag).

If possible, avoid bringing anything that requires dry cleaning in case something gets spilled on it while dining out at one of San Juan’s many restaurants or bars – this includes silk blouses! Also make sure not all clothes are black or white since there may not always be enough sunlight available during certain seasons of year due largely due ocean currents acting like barriers between land areas where Caribbean islands would otherwise receive full sun exposure year round if not for these current patterns affecting weather patterns globally such as El Niño/La Niña cycles affecting climate conditions worldwide intermittently depending upon which hemisphere we’re talking about here (North America vs South America).

Get a list of the best hostels before going on a Solo travel to San Juan.

Here’s a quick rundown of the things you’ll want to look for in a hostel:

  • Reputation. Is it well-regarded on booking sites? How many people have stayed there and what are their thoughts? If you’re going to be staying in one location for a longer period of time, then this is an important factor to consider.
  • Location. The closer your hostel is located to popular destinations (like museums, restaurants and bars), then the better off you’ll be when exploring San Juan on your own.
  • Reviews. It’s more than likely that other solo travelers will have already been through some of these places before so make sure that they have some good reviews before booking anything too expensive! This way if something doesn’t work out right away we can make adjustments without worrying about having wasted money unnecessarily… especially since we want EVERYTHING TO COME OUT GREAT ALL THE TIME AS WELL WITH NO FAILURE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN LIFE 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Price/Quality Ratio: Again there are no guarantees when traveling solo but generally speaking it’s better off getting less expensive accommodation if possible because sometimes these smaller places tend not only offer friendlier service but also better amenities at lower rates than larger chains which could end up costing far more money than necessary after all said done 😉
  • Atmosphere – When choosing where stay make sure it has vibes similar those found back home; such as comfortability with myself being able to relax into my surroundings easily during any given situation since nothing beats having fun while still feeling safe enough not worry about anything else going wrong!

Check for hosted events for solo travelers.

  • is a great resource for finding events that are happening during your stay in the city. You can search by keyword or location to find groups of people interested in similar things as you, and then RSVP to events that appeal to you.
  • Facebook has events pages for many cities around the world, including San Juan. Searching “San Juan” on Facebook will bring up multiple pages with thousands of members each—check these out for local happenings!
  • There may be an event for solo travelers at your hotel or hostel (which might even be free), so ask about this when you make reservations or check-in.
  • Ask your concierge if there are any activities specifically geared toward solo travelers happening during your stay—they’ll know what’s what!

Visit public spaces that invite people to hang out together.

A few of the best places to go solo:

  • Take advantage of all the public spaces in San Juan, many of which are safe for solo travelers. Parks and other public areas that invite people to hang out together are a great place to start.

Consider renting a room on your Solo travel to San Juan.

If you are looking for a more authentic experience and want to meet some locals, consider renting a room in a local’s home or apartment. You can ask your Airbnb host if they know of any local families who could offer you a place to stay when you arrive. This is especially helpful if you are traveling with children—they would love the opportunity to play with other kids!

Another option is renting a room through TripAdvisor or Hostels also often have rooms available for rent as well as hotels—and they’re usually cheaper than staying at an official hotel chain!

Make sure you have a safe way to get around easily.

After you’ve planned your route, the next step is to make sure your way back home is just as easy. Use a transport app like Uber or Cabify to map out your journey and get an estimate on how much it will cost. If possible, take public transport such as buses or trains. If there’s no other option except for cabs, be sure to take photos of the taxi driver’s license plate before getting into their car so that you can report them if they behave in a way that doesn’t seem safe or nice (for example: driving erratically). Also keep your luggage with you at all times—you don’t want someone else taking advantage of its absence!

Use public transportation if possible rather than taxis.

  • Check if it’s safe. The best way to do this is by asking a local if they feel comfortable taking public transportation and if they have friends or family that use it. If the answer is yes, then you’ll likely be fine too!
  • Check whether there are safety measures in place for solo travelers and women. Most countries have some sort of system in place where you can call for help on your phone if something happens while you’re traveling alone. In San Juan, for example, there are special taxi lines that specifically cater to tourists–these taxis will pick up any solo traveler without hesitation as long as they don’t accept cash payments from customers who’ve never used the line before (so make sure not just anyone can access those numbers). These services also exist in other major cities around the world, so check with locals to see what their policies look like before booking a flight out of town!
  • Consider visiting during daylight hours only when possible–and always walk with confidence!

Learn enough Spanish to get by and to get help if you need it

San Juan, on my solo travel to Puerto Rico

If you can learn a few basic Spanish words and phrases, your trip will be much easier. You might think that this is a bit overkill for a solo trip to San Juan, but it really isn’t! The more prepared you are, the smoother your trip will be.

I recommend downloading Duolingo (a free language-learning app) and starting to study it before your flight. It’s fun and effective!

In addition to learning how to ask for help when necessary, I’d also suggest memorizing some basic vocabulary words like:

  • “¿Cómo se dice [insert word] en español?” (How do I say [insert word] in Spanish?)
  • “Por favor” (Please)
  • “Disculpe” or “Perdón.” (Excuse me.)

I also recommend saving these phrases on a sheet of paper so they’re easy access if needed. And if you want something more permanent than just printing out some cards with selected phrases on them—you can buy flashcards here!

You can go anywhere alone if you’re careful and know what you’re doing!

There are some important things to note before you head out:

  • Be safe. You should always make sure that your destination is a safe one. If in doubt, don’t go there! In San Juan, the biggest danger is crime—but other than that, it’s a pretty relaxed place with lots of sights and things to do. However, if you’re looking for somewhere more authentic and off-the-beaten path (or if you want to avoid crowds), then I would recommend heading south toward Vieques or Culebra (both are great spots). Just be careful of which beaches you go to on those islands as they can sometimes get rough due to high waves coming in from hurricanes.
  • Know how to get where you’re going, how long it will take and what kind of transportation options are available along the way so that if something were ever wrong with your plans regarding transportation or time constraints that there would still be ways for them not only exist but thrive as well! This will help ease any anxiety about having everything prepared beforehand because even though this may seem like an unnecessary task at first glance–it really does make all the difference when traveling solo especially when being able-bodied means nothing anymore these days thanks science advances over time.


If you want to see what San Juan has to offer, then go for it! You won’t regret it.