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Zanzibar is a stunning island off the coast of Tanzania. It’s known for its white-sand beaches, blue lagoons, and coral reefs. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s an excellent destination for solo travelers. In this post, we’ll go over how to stay safe and comfortable while on a solo trip to Zanzibar—from the safest place to stay in Stone Town to where you can find the best views of the ocean and nearby islands!

Safety in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a very safe place for female travelers. Crime is low and most people are friendly, but there are some things you should know if you’re traveling alone:

  • Women should avoid walking alone at night in Stone Town or on the beaches after dark.
  • To respect local culture, women should dress modestly when in public spaces and avoid wearing shorts, short skirts, or tank tops.
  • It’s highly recommended that women travel with other people at all times when traveling solo in Zanzibar as a precautionary measure against harassment or assault.

Where to Stay in Zanzibar

solo trip to zanzibar

Where you stay in Zanzibar depends on your budget, how much time you want to spend exploring Stone Town and other parts of the island, and what kind of accommodation you’re looking for. There are stunning guesthouses and homestays in every town; beach resorts that range from simple to luxury; and even budget hotels in Stone Town. Here are some options:

  • Stone Town: The historic capital is a great place to stay if you want a base for exploring the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites (they have recognized Stone Town itself as being one), as well as getting a feel for local culture. Hotels here range from small guesthouses with shared bathrooms (like this one) to more upscale lodgings (like this one).
  • Hinje Waterfront: This quiet fishing village has some nice hotels with views over the Indian Ocean—but if it’s not your style, there are plenty of guesthouses on offer as well.
  • Matemwe Beach: This south coast destination offers everything from backpacker spots to luxury resorts among coconut palms. You’ll find accommodation options right across the board here—from basic camp sites right through to five-star deluxe suites overlooking crystal clear waters (not forgetting those with hammocks between palm trees!).

Solo Trip to Zanzibar: Tips for visiting Stone Town

You will have a wonderful time in Stone Town. It is safe. There are many things to do and the scenery is stunning.

Whether to hire a guide or not comes down to preference. There are pros and cons for both sides:

  • If you hire a guide, you can learn more about the island than you would otherwise. They will tell you about its history and its culture (or at least what they know). You may also get insights into how people live their lives on Zanzibar; for example, where they spend their time or what their life goals are.
  • If you don’t hire one then all these details will remain unknown to you (unless someone else suggests them). Some people like exploring places without being led by someone else; it gives them freedom from having others tell them what they must do next while also allowing them greater independence in deciding where they go next (tourists often feel obligated when following guides around).

Visiting the Spice Plantations in Zanzibar

solo travel in Zanzibar

When taking a solo trip to Zanzibar, be sure to checck out this beautiful place. The spice plantations are in the northern part of Zanzibar, close to the capital city Stone Town. You can take a day trip there from Stone Town, but it’s also possible to stay overnight at one of the local hotels or B&Bs.

  • How do I get there?

There are two ways to reach the spice plantations: by car or boat. If you opt for the former, drive north along Chwaka Beach Road until you reach a signpost directing you toward Chwaka Spice Estate and then follow that road for another 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). Alternatively, if you prefer being out on open water with nothing but your swimsuit and towel within reach, hire a dhow from any of Zanzibar’s main harbor towns and head north along Pemba Channel toward Chole Mjini village; once there, ask locally where exactly these famous spice fields are located since not all directions will lead directly there because of multiple landmarks along this popular route!

Zanzibar is an exciting island to visit especially for solo travelers.

Zanzibar is an exciting island to visit especially for solo travelers. The city of Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the cultural hub of Zanzibar, with many historic buildings and sights to see. If you’re looking for something more than history, Zanzibar has many activities that make it a great destination for solo travelers, including diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, kite surfing, trekking among others.

You can choose from hotels ranging from budget accommodations like The Village Hotel, which offers dormitories that sleep up to 4 people or Tiwi Beach House, which offers rooms starting at $50 per night, to high-end resorts like Cumbeni Lodge which has rooms starting at $250 per night.


We hope this guide has given you some insight into the best destinations and activities when on a solo trip to Zanzibar. There is so much more to see and do here than we could ever cover in one blog post, but we think these are some highlights to get started with!