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There’s no shame in admitting that you haven’t traveled outside the U.S. before—I hadn’t either until I was 25 years old! But if you’re ready to get out there and explore what the world has to offer, here are 10 great places to start:

1. Iceland

Iceland landscape
Iceland landscape

Iceland is a land of fire and ice, but it can also be a great place for hiking, whale watching, and bird watching. If you’re looking for adventure or just want to get away from the busy world for a while, Iceland should be your next travel destination.

Hiking in Iceland

You might think that hiking in such an icy country would be difficult. But many trails are open all year round in Iceland and they will take you through some beautiful scenery—from lava fields to glaciers and waterfalls. The best way to see these trails is by renting a car (or taking one of the many tours available) so that you can stop along the way if anything is interesting around you that catches your eye.

Whale watching in Iceland One of the best things about Iceland is that it’s a great place for whale watching. If you don’t mind getting wet, then this is one activity you should try out! Also, remember that whales tend to migrate during different times of the year so make sure you do some research on when they’re around before going out for your trip.

2. Italy

Grand Canal in Venice with Saint Mary of Health basilica, sun in Italy
Grand Canal in Venice with Saint Mary of Health basilica in Italy

Like many countries, Italy has a rich history and culture. But there’s something special about it that makes it stand out from the rest. Maybe it’s the stunning architecture, or maybe it’s the amazing food. Or maybe it’s just that you can fly into Rome and visit Venice on your way to Florence!

Whatever your reason for visiting Italy, we’re sure you’ll have an unforgettable time exploring this beautiful country. The sites are endless: You can visit ancient ruins like Pompeii and Herculaneum; go hiking through Tuscany; dive into Rome’s history at Colosseum—the list goes on! And if you’re looking for some culture after your trip abroad, there are plenty of museums to choose from (like Florence’s Uffizi Gallery).

But let’s say you’re not into museums and history—that’s fine! Italy is still full of amazing things for those who prefer a more active lifestyle. You can go skiing at Cortina d’Ampezzo, hike up Mount Vesuvius, or just relax on one of the many beaches that dot the coast. If all this sounds good to you (and why wouldn’t it?) then make sure to book your next trip ASAP—you won’t regret it.

3. Costa Rica

Waterfall in Costa Rica
Waterfall in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for travelers, with its tropical rainforests, beaches, and mountains. This small country has much to offer on your trip. It’s a common honeymoon destination, making it one of the most sought-after places to travel in Central America. If you’re looking for something more adventurous and eco-friendly look no further than Costa Rica’s adventure sports and nature tours.

Costa Rica is home to many beautiful beaches as well as some great surfing spots like Tamarindo Beach or Playa Carrillo that are perfect for relaxing with friends or family after a long day of exploring this paradise land!

Costa Rica’s adventures await. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head off on an exciting journey to this amazing place!

4. Ireland

Ireland coastline
Ireland coastline

Ireland is a country of unparalleled beauty and its rich cultural history has helped make it one of the most visited places on Earth. Ireland’s natural landscapes are gorgeous, but there are many other attractions to see as well. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Ireland:

  • Go hiking in Connemara National Park.
  • Take a boat tour through Dublin Bay.
  • Visit Blarney Castle and kiss the stone (if you dare).

Ireland is a great place to visit for a vacation, but some amazing and interesting cities in Ireland are worth visiting too. Some of these include Cork (which has become known as the “Real Capital of Ireland”), Limerick (known for its medieval architecture), Belfast (famous for its historic pubs)

5. Greece

Famous greek tourist destination Oia, Greece
Famous greek tourist destination Oia, Greece

Greece is a country in Southern Europe, known for its history and ruins. It has a Mediterranean climate and is a popular tourist destination. The most popular parts of Greece are its beaches, mountains, and islands. Greece also has many ancient ruins that date back thousands of years.

Greece’s history dates back to Neolithic times (about 7500 BC) when the Minoan civilization on Crete flourished before being destroyed by an earthquake around 1450 BC. After this collapse, three different civilizations existed in the area: Mycenaean Greek culture around 1100 BC; Archaic Greek culture beginning about 900 BC; Classical Greek culture after 500 BC until Roman times around 100 AD (when your students will be studying).

6. Thailand

Bangkok Thailand Skyline
Bangkok Thailand Skyline

Thailand is known for its beaches, temples, and food. It has a tropical climate that makes it ideal to visit during any season. Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world and makes an excellent destination for tourists looking for an adventure. If you visit in the wintertime, you can expect warm temperatures with little rain or snowfall—perfect for beach-goers!

Thailand is a great place to visit in the winter. You can expect warm temperatures with little rain or snowfall—perfect for beach-goers! Thailand also offers some of Asia’s best shopping deals, so plan on bringing home souvenirs for all your friends back home.

7. Belgium

Graslei street and canal in the evening. Ghent, Belgium
Graslei street and canal in the evening. Ghent, Belgium

Belgium is a great place to visit and explore. It’s got a lot of history, with the oldest city in Europe (Ghent) and the best beer museum in the world (Bruges). There are also plenty of other things to do in Belgium, like exploring its chocolate-covered pastries or riding through its fields on a picture-perfect bike ride.

If you’re planning on visiting this country this summer, don’t forget that it has some pretty nice weather as well!

If you’re looking for a place where you can experience some of the best beer in Europe, Belgium is the perfect destination. It’s got an entire city devoted to chocolate and waffles, one of which happens to be called Bruges (aka “The City Of Chocolate”). You can also tour around on your bike while admiring some of their charming villages before taking a break at one of the many bars that serve up delicious Belgian brews.

If you’re looking to experience a taste of Europe this summer, Belgium is the perfect destination. There are plenty of things to do in Belgium, such as taking long walks through its old towns or riding bicycles along picturesque country roads. You can also tour around on your bike while admiring some of their charming villages before taking a break at one of many bars that serve up delicious Belgian beers.

8. Bali, Indonesia


If you’re looking for a destination that will make your heart sing, look no further than Bali. The island is an interesting mix of traditional and modern, with beautiful weather year-round.

Bali offers some of the most amazing beaches in the world, stunning temples and palaces (like Uluwatu Temple), and one of the best nightlife scenes on any island thanks to its vibrant night markets.

Whatever your interests are—surfing or making music—you can find something to do here! You’ll love walking along Kuta beach at dawn before it gets too hot out there than checking out the bustling streets when it’s time for lunch. Then head over to Seminyak beach for an afternoon swim followed by dinner at someplace like Potato Head Beach Club where you can enjoy live music while sipping cocktails under starry skies (or try any number of other restaurants nearby).

If adventure is more your thing then opt for something like hiking Mt Agung volcano (which has been dormant since 1963 but could erupt again anytime) or exploring Ubud Village where there are plenty of yoga studios offering classes every day as well as ancient temples built during 8th century AD by Hindu priests who were fleeing persecution from Muslims who had taken over Java Island around this same period so they decided not only would they build beautiful structures here but also teach locals about Hinduism which ultimately led them down very similar paths towards peace; today both Buddhists & Hindus live peacefully side-by-side with each other while practicing their faiths openly without fear anymore!

9. Portugal

Porto, Portugal city
Porto, Portugal city

Portugal is a great place to travel with your faily, and friends, and even solo. With so much to see and do, you will have no problem finding something that interests you. You can visit Portugal during the summer or winter months because Portugal has mild weather year-round – perfect for exploring the outdoors! The cities of Porto and Lisbon offer beautiful architecture, museums, and galleries where travelers can learn about Portuguese history. If you are looking for some fun activities while in Portugal then why not try surfing? There are many surfing spots along the coast of Lisbon like Praia da Vieira which is an ideal spot for beginners learning how to surf!

Another great thing about visiting Portugal is that it’s very affordable compared to other European countries such as France or Germany so if money is tight then this may be one option worth considering when planning your next trip abroad.”

10. Japan

Kobe, Japan Bridge
Kobe, Japan Bridge

Japan is a great place to visit. It’s beautiful, rich in history and culture, safe (for the most part), and has some of the best food you’ll ever eat. You can also get a lot of bang for your buck on hotels here compared to other countries in Asia if you’re looking for something affordable. If you’re planning a trip somewhere that’s not too far from home but still feels like an adventure (and isn’t too expensive), look no further than Japan!

* Be aware of the laws and customs before you go. It’s important to know what’s acceptable behavior in a given country before making any international trips, especially if they’re not as developed as your home country.

Don’t let the stress and expense of traveling internationally put you off from experiencing the world beyond the United States!

The world is a big place, and there are many places to see.

Don’t let the stress and expense of traveling internationally put you off from experiencing the world beyond the United States!

Traveling outside the US is stressful, expensive, and overwhelming. But it can be worth it. You have to find the right balance of solitude, comfort, time management, and budget for your trip.