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Are you an experienced traveler nurse looking for an expanded career? If so, you may be wondering how much you make and what some of the benefits are. Here is a comprehensive guide on traveling nurses’ earnings in the United States.

The median wages for travel nurses in the United States were $87,500 in 2018. The average pay ranged from $53,500 to $119,500. These wages are determined by the level of experience, years of experience, and location of the position.

Travel nurses in the United States have diverse benefits that come with the position. The main benefits of a travel nurses’ career include earning a healthy income, flexible hours, and opportunities for advancement.

Here are some of thekey benefits of a travel nurses’ career:

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Earn a healthy income

Travel nurses in the United States earn a great deal of money. The median wage for travel nurses was $87,500 in 2018. This is partly due to the increasing popularity of the profession and the growing number of opportunities for employment. However, travel nurses can also make a good salary on their own if they are experienced and qualify for a position.

Flexible hours

Travel nurses are often able to work flexible hours. This means that they can work when and how they want, as long as they meet the required hours. This is a major benefit for many travelers nurses.

Opportunities for advancement

The advancement opportunities for a travel nurses’ career are great. The National Nurses United (NNU) issued a report in 2018 that reported that travel nurses earn an average of $100,000 per year. This increase in the median wage and the number of opportunities for advancement is an indication that travel nurses are a valuable profession.