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If you’re thinking about vacationing this year, you’re probably wondering what type of trip is right for you. Whether you’re looking for a long trip abroad or a quick escape to the beach, there are a variety of travel options out there. But what do the different types of travel mean for you?

Here are the different types of travel, and what they mean for you:·

Short-term travel

Happy black family traveling with kid, having fun in airport

This includes trips that typically last for less than two weeks. Short-term travel can be a great way to explore a new city or country, or to take a break from your everyday life.·

Long-term travel


This includes trips that last more than two weeks but less than four months. Long-term travel can be a great way to see a new part of the world, or to explore your own backyard.·

Backpack travel

Man traveling in the mountains

This includes travel that’s done on your own, without the help of a tour group or an organized vacation. Backpack travel is great for people who want to experience a new destination on their own terms, and it can be a great way to save money.

So which type of travel is right for you? The answer is different for everyone, based on the type of trip, the budget, and the interests you have. Just remember that whatever trip you take, make sure you have a great time!