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The Lonely Planet Of Tehran, On The World’s Most Dangerous Capital

Lonely Planet Tehran: Introduction

Welcome to the Lonely Planet Tehran blog! This is our guide to everything Tehran, from the sights and sounds of the city centre to its hidden gems, where to escape the crowds and find peace and tranquillity. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or you’re looking for tips on what to do and see, we’ve got you covered. Check in regularly for our latest posts, photos and videos, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us on social media using the hashtag #LPTehran.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s plenty of things to do in Tehran – from climbing Mount Damavand to sampling Iranian food at a traditional bazaar. And if you’re looking for some peace and solitude, our selection of hidden gems will be perfect for you. From lakeside villages to hilltop monasteries, these places offer an escape from the city noise and bustle. So whether you’re planning your first trip to Tehran or you’re a seasoned traveller, make sure to check back here for all the latest advice and inspiration.

My Lonely Planet Tehran Trip

Long exposure cityscape of Tehran, Iran at night

Long exposure cityscape of Tehran, Iran at night

The Lonely Planet Tehran guidebook is one of the most popular travel guides on the planet and for good reason. It’s packed full of insider tips, off-the-beaten-path discoveries, and jaw-dropping photography that captures the essence of Tehran – an amazing mixture of antiquity and contemporaryity.

I was lucky enough to take this Lonely Planet Tehran guidebook with me on my recent trip and it proved invaluable. Not only did it help me navigate the city like a pro, but it also provided me with insights into Iranian culture and history that I would never have found on my own. So if you’re considering visiting Tehran, make sure to pick up a copy of the Lonely Planet Tehran guidebook first!

What To Do In Tehran

If you’re in Tehran, the first thing you need to do is get out of the city. Tehran is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with a murder rate more than three times higher than the global average. The only way to avoid getting mugged or stabbed is to stay out of the city centre.

The best option is to head to one of Tehran’s nature reserves, such as Shemiranat National Park or Golestan Ranges. You’ll find plenty of hiking trails, lakes and forests here, and you can take a picnic lunch with you. If you’re feeling energetic, you could also try some of Tehran’s bungee jumping or rappelling spots.

If you’re looking for something more cultural, then head to Tehran’s art galleries and museums. Highlights include the Golestan Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art, both of which have excellent collections. Alternatively, head for one of Tehran’s open-air markets, where you can buy fresh produce and local handicrafts.

No matter what you do in Tehran, make sure you take plenty of photos – it’s one of the most photogenic cities in the world!

Eat & Drink In Tehran

If you’re looking for some delicious Tehranian eats, look no further than the bazaar. Here you can find all sorts of mouth-watering Persian food, from kebabs to pastries. However, if you’re feeling brave and want to try something a little harder, head on over to the more upmarket restaurants in the city. Prices for most dishes here are pretty reasonable, especially when compared to other places in Iran.

The Best Places To Stay In Tehran

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay in Tehran, we recommend the The Residence. It’s modern, spacious, and has great views of the city. The downside? It’s quite expensive. If you’re on a budget, our other top pick is the Homestead Hostel. It’s also modern and comfortable, but it can be a little noisy at night.

Tours In Tehran

Luckily for tourists, Tehran is relatively safe for a city of its size. However, as with any large city, it’s always best to exercise caution and use common sense. Tehran is also home to some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of interesting attractions and things to do in Tehran – no matter what your level of risk tolerance may be. Read on for our top picks for tours in Tehran.

Fun Things To Do In Tehran

If you’re looking for a break from the hectic city life, Tehran has plenty of attractions to keep you entertained. Head to Golestan Palace for a glimpse at the majestic royal residence, or take a trip to Isfahan for a day of shopping and sightseeing. For something more active, try cycling through the winding streets of Old Tehran or scaling the high peaks of Mount Damavand. No matter what kind of traveller you are, there’s sure to be something on offer in Tehran that will suit your needs.

Safety Issues In Tehran

While Tehran is one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East, it is also one of the most dangerous. Violent crime is rife and tourists are advised to take all necessary precautions to stay safe.

The following are some tips on how to stay safe in Tehran:

– Use a trusted guide or tour operator. Avoid walking alone at night or outside the main tourist areas.
– Beware of pickpockets and do not leave valuable items unattended in public places.
– Be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour. If you feel unsafe, always remember that you can call 000 from any phone for help.
– Travel during daylight hours when possible and avoid travelling on weekends or holidays when there is increased crime activity.
– Make copies of your passport, airline tickets, driver’s license and other important documents, and store them in a safe place.

If you’re looking for a place that feels like the edge of the world, Tehran is definitely it. With its ever-present threat of terrorism and political unrest, Tehran can be a tough city to navigate, but if you’re up for the challenge, it’s well worth exploring. From pulsating nightlife to stunning natural landscapes, Tehran has something for everyone who visits. Whether you are looking to escape the rat race or simply get lost in time and culture, Tehran is your perfect destination.