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There are many challenges travelers face when traveling by train. Here are a few of the most common ones:

1. Finding a seat: Finding a seat can be a challenge on trains. Usually, trains have a limited amount of seats, and customers are often required to get a seat at the back of the train.

2. Conditions in the carriage: Conditions in the carriage can be very cold, very hot, or very noisy.

3. Sleeping: Sleeping on trains can be challenging. Usually, trains have a limited number of beds, and passengers are often required to sleep in the open carriage.

4. Pre-boarding: Pre-boarding can be a challenge. Normally, passengers have a few minutes before the train leaves to board. This means that passengers must be ready and willing to board the train when it leaves.

Young man traveling by train

5. Waiting in long lines: Waiting in long lines can be a challenge. Long lines can form when passengers are checked in, and must then wait in line to create a reserved seat.

6. Food: Food on trains can be challenging. often times, the food on trains is of low quality and in some cases, the food on trains can be quite spicy.

7. Complaints: Complaints can be a challenge when traveling by train. Oftentimes, passengers might have a complaint about the food, the train, or the government.