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Agoraphobia is a fear of going out in the open. So it can be common at carnivals, which can make going to them a scary experience for everyone involved. There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to enjoy a carnival without feeling afraid:

  • Be aware of where you are going and what you are going to do. Different carnivals have different areas where clowns may be present, so be sure to ask where the crowds are and what type of entertainment you will be able to see.
  • Bring along a packed lunch or snacks if you plan to spend a long day at the carnival. You’ll want to be comfortable and have something to eat while you’re waiting in line or playing games.
Wanderfull carnival mask in Venice
  • Be prepared for Lineups. Don’t be afraid to get bumped up in line if you feel like you’re in a group of people who are scared of going to the carnival. Carnival goers will want to make the most of the opportunity to get in front of the fun!
  • Study the Carnival’s specific events and attractions. Some events, like the parade and carnival games, are very excitement-filled and will help you forget all of your worries. However, other events might be too distressing for you.
  • Be up for the challenge. carnivals offer an experience unlike any other. If you’re feeling 10X scared, bring along a friend. If you’re feeling like you can take on anything, carnivals are the perfect place for you!