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If you’re visiting a new place and want to bring your small dog with you, there are a few things you can do to make a healthy and safe travel both easier and less risky.

  • Always carry your dog on a leash at all times. Incidentally, the leash is also the easiest way to get your dog’s attention and prevent him from running away.
  • Pack a small amount of food and water for your dog and his mouth, as well as a case for your dog’s drinks and snacks. And if you’re travelling with a passenger, make sure to keep all personal belongings and valuable items in a safe place.
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  • Don’t forget your dog’s passport! If your destination is a foreign country, you’ll need to obtain a visa in order to visit. This can be a little challenging, but it’s worth tracking down the application process and making sure everything is in order.
  • Use a seat belt! Releasing your dog when you stop in traffic or boarding a plane can be fatal. Not Having one of these safety features on your trip can really add to the stress and anxiety of traveling with small dogs.
  • Make sure your dog is well-trained and under your control at all times. This will help minimize any unexpected accidents or emergencies.