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Notaries are a type of professional who issues instruments of record and signatures. Their services may include issuing notarial instruments, such as deeds and contracts, and certifying occurring events in a document. Notaries can also help to inspect documents for authenticity and to sign or certify documents.

Notary services can be provided by individuals or companies. The services can cost around $20 per hour, but some companies offer discounts for repeat clients. Notaries can provide a more formal, official way of documenting transactions. They can also provide the expertise to help with the accuracy of documents.

legal consultants, notary or justice lawyer discussing contract document on desk with client

Notaries typically have a correspondence education and natural resource management certification. They can also hold a law degree and a notarial register or license. Notaries typically have a background in history and law.

Notaries are typically an honorable profession. Notaries are sworn to secrecy and are not allowed to tell anyone about their services or trade. Notaries must have a strong sense of ethics and be willing to abide by the law. Notaries are often called upon to mediate disputes and act as conduits for communication.