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There’s no need to panic. You’re not out of luck. In fact, you have a lot of choice in where to go! Here are some vacation quotes that will make you say, “You have to be kidding me!”

  1. “Traveling is a great way to see new cultures and see what the world has to offer. no matter where you go it’s always worth the trip!”
  2. “Chasing down that next best thing is what makes travel so great. You can find so many different things to do in different parts of the world, it’s always fun to keep exploring!”
  3. ” Traveling is the perfect way to change your scenery and meet new people. If you want to experience the best of the best, travel is the way to go!”
  4. ” The best part about travel is that you can do it ANYWHERE! No need to book in advance – you can just go! And if traveling to new places makes you crave a vacation, that’s okay too. The farther you get from home, the more relaxed you’ll become. Try doing some of the same things you do on vacation, just in a new setting!”