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The fun and excitement of a traveling carnival come with a few risks as well. Before you take the ride on an unsafe attraction, be sure to inspect it for any potential dangers. Here are four things to keep in mind:\n\n

1. Are the ride restraints effective?

Many carnival rides are equipped with restraining devices, but these can sometimes break or malfunction. Make sure the restraints are properly installed and operational before you get on the ride.

2. Is the ride air-tight?

Many carnival rides use compressed air to propel riders around, and if the system is not properly sealed, pollutants can leak in. Check to see if the ride has been properly vacuumed and maintained to prevent dangerous gases from escaping.

Ferris wheel in carnival
Ferris wheel in carnival

3. Is the ride properly maintained?

Just like any other piece of equipment, carnival rides can break down over time. Make sure the ride is properly maintained and in good working order before you go on it. If it appears to be in decline, find another ride to enjoy.

4. Is the ride safe for children?

Even though carnival rides are meant to be fun, some are not appropriate for small children. Make sure to ask the carnival operator if the ride is safe for your child before you bring them along.