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There’s no denying that travel can be a fun and thrilling experience. But, like all things, there are also some risks that come with traveling.

Here are tips on what to Expect on your train journey

1. Appoint a travel buddy-or travel with someone you trust, it will make your journey that little bit easier.

2. Obey the rules of conduct while traveling, this can make all the difference.

3. Pack your own bag-vacations won’t be as great if you have to lug around some unnecessary extra baggage.

4. Bring your own entertainment- CDs, laptops, books, and movies are all great options.

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5. Drink plenty of water, it’s important to avoid dehydration on your journey.

6. Control your mobile phone-not using your phone means you’ll be able to rest and relax without worrying about missing any important updates or alerts.

7. Beware of scams- NEVER give out personal information or transfer money over the phone.

8. Make time for relaxing-although traveling can be demanding, it’s important to allow yourself time to de-stress and unwind.