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Sweden is a country that’s best known for its nature, culture, and lovely cities. It’s a great place to visit of year and has tons of things to do. If you’re travelling as a couple or with friends (or both), then Sweden has plenty of places that will make your trip even more memorable. Here are some of the top ways Sweden is perfect for couples travelling the world:

The Romantic History

Romantic Couple Hugging at sunset

The great thing about Sweden is that it’s a country steeped in romance. It’s the birthplace of ABBA and IKEA, after all. The Swedish film industry has given us Ingmar Bergman and other masters of the auteur style like Vilhelm Moberg, who wrote about Swedish immigration to America in his novels.

We have always known Sweden for its love for literature, music and cinema—and it’s easy to see why: with so much talent flowing from this small country!

The Northern Lights

Amazing view on the northern lights
Amazing view on the northern lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a phenomenon that occurs when solar particles collide with Earth’s atmosphere. It gives off a greenish-blue glow and can be seen all over the world.

The best time to see it in Sweden, however, is from December to March—typically from mid-January until early March. You’ll also have better chances to see them if you’re north of Stockholm in Jämtland County of Norrbotten County on one of those days when there are clear skies (as opposed to cloudy ones!). Plan your trip around these times!

If you want, even more information about how this happens and why we see it so often in Scandinavia specifically, check out this article that goes into detail about what causes our beautiful northern lights!

The Food

The country’s geography, climate, and history influence Swedish cuisine. Sweden has a long coastline and a great variety of seafood, as well as berries in the north and fruits such as apples, pears and cherries in the south. It also has an abundance of ingredients, from wild game to lamb. Other European countries have influenced Swedish cuisine—especially Germany—and we can see this in many traditional recipes such as meatballs, which are served with mashed potatoes or rice boiled together with cabbage or kale.

keto paleo diet lunch mashed cauliflower with meatballs
keto paleo diet lunch mashed cauliflower with meatballs

The Peace and Quiet

The peace of Sweden will help you both relax and recharge. You can enjoy nature without being disturbed by loud noises. The country has a low crime rate, so you can feel safe walking around on your own in the city or in the countryside. Sweden is also one of the safest countries to visit as an American right now, according to the US Department of State.

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. As a kid, I loved waking up on Christmas morning to find gifts under my tree and snow falling outside my window. I would play with my new toys until lunchtime when we would have a special Christmas meal together as a family; mom would make her infamous meatballs and gravy, and dad would make his famous egg salad sandwiches (with mayonnaise only no mustard!).

I know you’re probably not Swedish, but if you could just pretend that you are for this section because it’s what makes Sweden so great!

The Christmas spirit is in full swing here all year round thanks to colourful lights and Christmas markets selling local food and crafts from across Sweden. Every city has its own traditions that take place during Advent, such as lighting candles in churches or decorating trees with handmade decorations at home. People also sing songs about Christmas during this time like “Julklappsvisa” which means “Christmas song”.

Don’t forget about their delicious food too! My favourites include julbord (meatballs with potatoes), lefse (flatbread), lutfisk (fish dish made from stockfish) and kladdkaka (chocolate cake).

The Stockholm Archipelago

A couple seating on a bench. Stockholm

They make the Stockholm Archipelago up of over 30,000 islands and skerries. It’s a fantastic place to go on boating trips or visit one of many islands which offer various activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing and even camping. The archipelago is also home to several different nature reserves, which are great for couples looking to explore the outdoors together.

The Nature and Wildlife

Wild siberian tiger in the jungle
Wild siberian tiger in the jungle

If you’re interested in wildlife, Sweden is a great place for you. The country has many species of animals, ranging from wild deer to Siberian tigers. One of my favourite things about Sweden is that there are lots of different types of animals that you can see when you travel around the country. For instance, Stockholm has an animal park where visitors can go and watch polar bears swim around a pool as if they were at a zoo.

Most cities have places where people can go watch birds or visit zoos that show off some rare species of animals. At these locations, it’s easy to observe how well cared-for these animals are because they’re healthy and happy! This makes me feel better knowing that before I leave each day, I’ve helped make sure an animal receives proper care by watching over them while they do what they need to do each day (i.e., eat food). Definitely recommend checking out any nature preserves while staying here so long as it is safe enough (and remember, always wear sunscreen).


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of reasons Sweden is the perfect country for couples travelling the world. If you’re looking for a new adventure with your significant other, or just want to explore a place with an amazing history and culture, then we suggest heading to Sweden!